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March Updates

Patch Notes · Mar 04, 2017

Today we have several enhancements and bugfixes to announce for Shivtr. Read on for the full details.

Subscribe to Groups
You can now subscribe to any group you belong to, which will email you notifications for new content in the group. Unlike forum or news subscriptions, which are per thread/post, we assume you are interested in all content posted to a group, so subscribing notifies you of any new content =)

Atom Feeds for Activities
Your Site Activities and Game activities now have Atom feeds enabled, allowing you to view them in a feed reader. To access them simply tack on ".atom" to the end of the url, for example

TeamSpeak Spacer Channels
Our TeamSpeak widget has been updated to handle spacer channels better, both with Noise and other TS3 hosts. Spacer channels which are empty are now ignored, but spacer channels that also include content now display it!

  • CSS fixes to our Avatar border images, used with several themes
  • WoWProgress is now working once again
  • Our email blacklisting which auto kicks in if email to you is undeliverable or you flag it as spam was not being used in all situations; this is now fixed to always be used.
  • One of our old plans was incorrectly still available with the Paypal payment option; this has been fixed so only our new plans are listed.
  • The site we used for Destiny tooltips has gone offline, so these tooltips are now disabled.
  • News posts which are locked can now no longer be commented on in the mobile view
  • Inviting members to a group now works properly on mobile

Happy Gaming =)


itsyboom ·
ATOM reader is especially relevant right now since people can have their devices (Like Amazon Alexa) read their feed out loud to them.

I will have to look into the group subscription thing.

Thanks for all the work you do!
nich261 ·
Please consider feature support for Elder Scrolls Online. With it and other MMOs gaining popularity some extra features and themes for said games would be nice.
veti ·
I can't seem to find a help forum for your site, and you guys never answered in Twiter, so I'll ask here. Is there a way to add another recruit post let's say to recruit officers?
8 Toes ·
Sorry for the delay, I have responded to your tweet. Our help forum went offline this week as the company we used for it seems to be having issues, but we should usually respond on twitter pretty fast in the mean time =)

Ula Vii ·
Hey, the getsatisfaction page says your community has been retired:
redirects to

Are you switching to another support platform?
8 Toes ·
Still deciding what to do... We had no warning from getsatisfaction and still have heard nothing from them so is a bit of a blindsided...

But in the meantime we can be reached by email or Twitter :)

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