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June Updates

Patch Notes · 27 days ago

Its officially summer, and today we have a few bugfixes and updates to announce for Shivtr. Read on for the full details.

Status bar font icons
The icons shown in the status bar on your guild sites are now shown as font icons, which means you can theme them with CSS! This can be helpful if say you want to change the bar at the top of your site to be white (which would make the icons nearly invisible), you can now also change the icon colors to be black.

Viewing Deleted Threads
With Shivtr, content you delete first gets flagged as deleted so you can recover it with the audit log. But this meant deleted content could still be viewed if you knew the link to it. With this update, forum threads which have been deleted may only be viewed by those with the forums moderator permission.

Security Fixes
Thanks to security researcher Cameron from who took some time on a weekend to test Shivtr for vulnerabitilies and helped us fix a few XSS issues =)

Goodbye GetSatisfaction
Our community help feature, which was embedded at the bottom of our Help page, has been removed. This feature was powered by GetSatisfaction, a help desk service we used, which "retired" our community without warning or notice to us. We are considering replacement options (such as global forums on Shivtr), but for now will continue with simply providing help through email and twitter, and the articles on our help page.

  • XIVDB Tooltips for Final Fantasy VIX are updated to use their new script and now working again =)
  • An issue with our payment subscriptions has been fixed, which in rare cases after you transfered your site and the new owner resubscribed they could still be considered on the older subscription plan.
  • The Events ATOM feed has now been fixed to include proper links to event instances
  • The armory link on WoW character profiles now correctly uses the server set for the character if there is one

Hope you all have a great summer of Gaming =)


Ula Vii ·
Such a shame about GetSatisfaction but the global forum idea sounds really good 👍
Aelrindyl ·
Can we get the two new FFXIV jobs added for character choices? Samurai and Red Mage?
8 Toes ·
sure, they are now added =)
veti ·
Hi! I posted a thread and it doubled posted but when I try to delete one it removes both. It didn't show as 2 posts until today either.
Just thought I'd report the bug.
Aelrindyl ·
Is it possible to add a pop up notification or even better, email notification when you get a PM on websites?

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