Patch notes

March Updates

Patch Notes · Mar 04, 2017

Today we have several enhancements and bugfixes to announce for Shivtr. Read on for the full details.

Subscribe to Groups
You can now subscribe to any group you belong to, which will email you notifications for new content in the group. Unlike forum or news subscriptions, which are per thread/post, we assume you are interested in all content posted to a group, so subscribing notifies you of any new content =)

Atom Feeds for Activities
Your Site Activities and Game activities now have Atom feeds enabled, allowing you to view them in a feed reader. To access them simply tack on ".atom" to the end of the url, for example

TeamSpeak Spacer Channels
Our TeamSpeak widget has been updated to handle spacer channels better, both with Noise and other TS3 hosts. Spacer channels which are empty are now ignored, but spacer channels that also include content now display it!

  • CSS fixes to our Avatar border images, used with several themes
  • WoWProgress is now working once again
  • Our email blacklisting which auto kicks in if email to you is undeliverable or you flag it as spam was not being used in all situations; this is now fixed to always be used.
  • One of our old plans was incorrectly still available with the Paypal payment option; this has been fixed so only our new plans are listed.
  • The site we used for Destiny tooltips has gone offline, so these tooltips are now disabled.
  • News posts which are locked can now no longer be commented on in the mobile view
  • Inviting members to a group now works properly on mobile

Happy Gaming =)
Patch notes

August Updates

Patch Notes · Aug 29, 2016

Are you prepared for World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Legion, launching in mere hours!? We hope so, and to help gear Shivtr up we've pushed live a round of bugfixes and enhancements to the site =)

Facebook Groups Integration
For sites on our Legendary plan, we support sharing news on Facebook as your user account and any pages you have admin for. Today we have updated this to also support groups!

* to share to a group you will need to be an admin for it.

Recruiting Improvements
Applicants can now only have one "open" application to your site. If they attempt to apply again they will be notified of their existing app, and if they are allowed to view it they will be shown it. The status bar has been updated for guests as well, showing "App Submitted" or "View My App" when they have an open app.

  • Demon Hunters have been added as a class option, along with those pesky Gnome Hunters
  • Warcraft character profiles have been updated to the new Legion stats
  • Some games auto-added to our games DB were being added with some missing data; this has now been fixed
  • The Mobile site will no longer show premium features on the home page if you are on the free plan
  • A bug with forum subscriptions that caused some members to keep receiving notifications when they should not be has been fixed
  • A bug causing Item Tooltips for GW2 to stop working has been fixed
  • Additional servers for Noise have been added for the TeamSpeak block

For WoW players have fun in Legion this week, and for everyone else we hope you've had a great summer of gaming! =)
Patch notes

Neverwinter Item Tooltips

Patch Notes · Jul 13, 2016

Today we have Neverwinter item tooltips to announce, along with a few smaller changes.

Neverwinter Item Tooltips
Neverwinter communities can now create Item Tooltips by linking to items on Neverwinter Unleashed. Simply search for the item you want to create a tooltip for on their site, then copy its url and use it on your Shivtr site =)

Rename SiteApps
You can now rename SiteApps if you have the SiteApps moderate permission. This can be useful if say, someone applied with an alt and you want to change it to their main, or if you reference back to SiteApps frequently while managing your guild.

  • Fullscreen is now enabled for YouTube video embeds
  • On Mobile you can now switch to the Desktop client and back again
  • Fixed a bug with Alliances and MultiGame sites
  • Several 406 errors have been corrected that were due to missing templates from the rewritten mobile client

That's all for this update, Happy Gaming! =)
Patch notes

Mobile Update

Patch Notes · May 19, 2016

Today we pushed live an update to our Mobile Client, with a full rewrite of the backend, better device detection, and the addition of several new sections.

Mobile Bank
The bank section is now available in the mobile client, allowing you to view items, transactions and members. Admin and user actions are also available, allowing you to add items, want items, create transactions and more!

Mobile DKP
DKP has also been added to the mobile client, allowing you to view dungeons, raids, raiders, raid items, standings and attendance.

Mobile Groups
Finally groups have been added to the mobile client, allowing you to view and create groups, and post discussions and replies.

  • Threads with a recently deleted forum posts will no longer show "Post Deleted" when you try to view the thread
  • Wowhead item tooltips updated to their new host
  • GW2 item tooltips were temporarily disabled due to a bug; this has been resolved
  • An issue with Group Pay and Emojis has been fixed
  • The calendar arrows were adjusted for usability
  • Adding event participants are now sorted alphabetically
  • Minor CSS fixes to the bank and dkp sections
  • Several Server Status were removed for inactive games
  • Members no longer part of a PM are now striked out
  • The BBcode editor now correctly shows when paginating message replies

That's all for this update, Happy Gaming! =)
Patch notes

Help Center

Patch Notes · Mar 22, 2016

Today we pushed live a new Help Center on Shivtr, aimed at being easier to navigate and explore, while offering more information!

New Help Center
Our new Help Center is launching with 8 categories and a total of 48 articles. These initial articles cover the most used features on Shivtr, and help to answer common questions we see in support requests.

Points of Contact
Prior to this update we used both SalesForce and GetSatisfaction as help services. SalesForce has now been removed. Going forward we aim to focus our support between GetSatisfaction and Twitter, and to promote this we have added links to both services at the bottom of each help article.

Google Recaptcha
In addition to our new Help Center, Google Recaptcha has been enabled in this update to help reduce spam. Recaptcha may appear during account creation and when making guest posts to the forums.

Twitch BBcode
Our [twitch] BBcode tag has been updated to use Twitch's new HTML 5 embedded player, rather than the old flash player, and should now work with live streams and vods!

That's all for this update, Happy Gaming! =)