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House Of Stark

Our differences make us unique, our friendship makes us strong
9 Members · World of Warcraft


Lich King we coming :P
10 Members · World of Warcraft

KRIEG Forums

KRIEG & ATT Forums
13 Members · World of Tanks

White Mantle

10 Members · ArcheAge

Raiders in the Storm

We Go For Win!!!
7 Members · World of Warcraft

Light of Hope

Máme slona
11 Members · World of Warcraft

Nova Masters Guild

Help the universe and the universe will help you
10 Members · Other

Brothers in Arms

Seek and Destroy
10 Members · World of Tanks
The shadow

The Shadow Order

Never underestimate what people will do for money
6 Members · RIFT


They're working together, but they don't have to like it!
15 Members · Perfect World International