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Hikari Defenders [KHUx]

Those who serve the light!
6 Members · Enter a new game...


7 Members · World of Warcraft

Shaiya PH Sea Asia

The Game Begin !
9 Members · Shaiya, Call of Duty


Remorse is the echo of a lost virtue..
9 Members · Spiral Knights

Casual Advocates

Casual Advocates Gaming Community
6 Members · Minecraft

The Drunken Heroes

be drunk
8 Members · Black Desert Online


19 Members · World of Warcraft


A Trove Community Full of Unicorn Testicles and Rainbow Diahrrea
15 Members · Trove

7th Sky Corps 212th

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Guild Site
17 Members · Enter a new game...

The Tonberry Syndicate

We are tonberry's. We come, We see, We *doink*. We work on our own terms. But we do help others.
23 Members · Final Fantasy XIV