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Your new guild site
7 Members · Perfect World International


We aren't just friends.....we're family.....And no one will break us apart...Not even....Death..
15 Members · Aion, Elsword

Toon Army

6 Members · Clash of Clans

Pro Gamer : this site only of Pro gamers players

7 Members · Mech Warrior Online

Sons of Icarus

Open your wings and fly
7 Members · Enter a new game...


Success is dependent on effort!
23 Members · World of Warcraft

Ex Cinere

From The Ashes We Shall Rise
6 Members · World of Warcraft


We Are Family
6 Members · Perfect World International

transnational syndicate [tS]

20 Members · Guild Wars 2

Casually Serious

We're serious about being Casual
15 Members · World of Warcraft