Patch notes

SSL Certs

Patch Notes · Apr 16, 2018

Today we have a rather big update from the backend to announce, as Shivtr has moved entirely to https and now uses SSL throughout our service =)

SSL For Shivtr Subdomains
If you use an official Shivtr subdomain for your site, such as * or *, your site is now served over https by default, and will show the green secure lock in browsers =)

SSL For Custom Domains
If you use your own custom domain name for your site and are on the Epic or higher plan, you can now request an SSL cert for your domain name, and we can apply it for you. A note that you can do this has been added in our features page.

SSL Lock has a warning?
Though your site now should show the green lock, you may encounter an issue where the lock is grey or has a warning with it, saying not all content is served over https.

If you run into this, it is likely due to you including images on your site that are not served over https (for example by linking to an external image in a forum post or news entry). Updating these paths to be served over https will resolve this.

The easiest way to fix this is to use Google Chrome and right click on your page and go to Inspect, then go to the Security tab, you should see it mention Mixed Content. Then reload the page with this open, and it will show you the exact images you need to update.

Domain Names may no longer have "." in them
To support https with our subdomains, you may no longer use a "." in your domain name. The reason for this is because our SSL certs are for *, such as * or * If your guild domain was "", this would not match the certificate and throw an invalid certificate error in the browser. An easy fix would be to update this example to

  • Bank members who are inactive/deleted will no longer show in the Members tab of the Bank.
  • WoW Profiles have been fixed to work with updated stats
  • Several CSS fixes have been made to the Glare/Scrime themes.
  • The image gallery got a fix to its storage calculations to ensure they are correct

That's all for this update. Happy Gaming =)

Holiday "Wish List" Contest

Contests · Dec 07, 2017

Put on your ugly Christmas sweater and get into the holiday spirit, as its time once again for our Annual "Wish List" Contest! =)

Wish List Contest
Share the game you wish for most this holiday season and post it in the comments below, and we'll enter you into a draw where the winner get their game!

Contest Rules

  • You must own an active site with us prior to today (Dec 7th)
  • You must specify which system you want the game for (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, etc)
  • The game you wish for must cost less than $100 USD to purchase
  • The game needs to be available for purchase on Amazon

This contest will run until noon EST on Monday December 18th, so be sure to participate before then! We end the contest on the 18th so we have some time to send the game out and hopefully have it arrive by the 25th =)

Update: Our Wish List contest has once more come to an end. Congrats to superzpurez, who gets "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" for the Nintendo Switch =)

Happy Holidays from Shivtr!

Level Up! Shivtr turns Eleven!

News · Nov 27, 2017

It's almost hard to believe, but we launched Shivtr eleven years ago on this day! Yes, today is Shivtr's 11th birthday!

2017 has been an interesting year with the announcement of Classic WoW. Almost a return to our roots! We got our start with WoW so it will always hold a special significance to us, as Shivtr was once simply an awesome website for our WoW guild. Now it has grown to become one of the most popular guild hosting services around, home to more than 2 million gamers and serving millions of page views every month!

Thanks again to everyone who helps support and promote Shivtr, you guys are awesome! =)

All Hallows' Eve Contest!

Contests · Oct 10, 2017

It's getting colder, darker, and, perhaps a little more spooky outside... which means its time once again for our annual All Hallows' Eve contest!

Trick or Treat Contest
Keep an eye out for our skull-laden Trick or Treat door on and when you spot it, click to *knock* and the Shivtr mascot will answer with either a scary trick, or a tasty treat!

  • When you spot the Trick or Treat door, click to *knock*!
  • This contest is available only to Site Owners
  • Five $20 Amazon Gift Cards (for Site Owners with Paid Plans)
  • Five 3 Month Upgrades of Epic Plan (for Site Owners with Free Plans)

This contest runs until midnight on October 31st, after which we'll announce the winners! So participate ... if you dare! mwuahaha =)
Patch notes

June Updates

Patch Notes · Jun 30, 2017

Its officially summer, and today we have a few bugfixes and updates to announce for Shivtr. Read on for the full details.

Status bar font icons
The icons shown in the status bar on your guild sites are now shown as font icons, which means you can theme them with CSS! This can be helpful if say you want to change the bar at the top of your site to be white (which would make the icons nearly invisible), you can now also change the icon colors to be black.

Viewing Deleted Threads
With Shivtr, content you delete first gets flagged as deleted so you can recover it with the audit log. But this meant deleted content could still be viewed if you knew the link to it. With this update, forum threads which have been deleted may only be viewed by those with the forums moderator permission.

Security Fixes
Thanks to security researcher Cameron from who took some time on a weekend to test Shivtr for vulnerabitilies and helped us fix a few XSS issues =)

Goodbye GetSatisfaction
Our community help feature, which was embedded at the bottom of our Help page, has been removed. This feature was powered by GetSatisfaction, a help desk service we used, which "retired" our community without warning or notice to us. We are considering replacement options (such as global forums on Shivtr), but for now will continue with simply providing help through email and twitter, and the articles on our help page.

  • XIVDB Tooltips for Final Fantasy VIX are updated to use their new script and now working again =)
  • An issue with our payment subscriptions has been fixed, which in rare cases after you transfered your site and the new owner resubscribed they could still be considered on the older subscription plan.
  • The Events ATOM feed has now been fixed to include proper links to event instances
  • The armory link on WoW character profiles now correctly uses the server set for the character if there is one

Hope you all have a great summer of Gaming =)