Level Up! Shivtr turns fourteen!

News · Nov 27, 2020

Today marks Shivtr's 14th birthday. But it feels a bit difficult to post a celebration message due to the global pandemic.

We know gaming has been a great escape for many this year, and we hope that some of the friends you have made through your gaming communities on Shivtr can provide some support and comfort for any of you who are currently struggling.

We hope for a better year in 2021, and for those going through hardships that things turn around for you in the near future.

Level Up! Shivtr turns thirteen!

News · Nov 27, 2019

It's time for cake and candles, today marks Shivtr's thirteenth birthday!

Shivtr started out as a home for our WoW guild more than a decade ago, and has grown into one of the most popular guild hosting services used by millions of gamers worldwide! We love our amazing customers, and hope we can continue providing a great home for your guilds in 2020 and beyond!

Thanks again to everyone who helps support and promote Shivtr, you guys are awesome! =)
Patch notes

Fall Updates

Patch Notes · Nov 11, 2019

With the release of WoW Classic we've seen an increase in raiding and DKP interest, so we've been working to improve the raiding aspects of the site over the past few months.

Events Calendar and Allied Sites
The Events Calendar will now only show events from allied sites that match the same active game you are currently viewing.

For example, a multi-game site for WoW and GW2, that has alliances for each game, will now only show events from the WoW site and WoW allied guilds while viewing the WoW game.

DKP Improvements
Several DKP improvements and bug fixes have been added:

  • DKP tables are now sortable by class everywhere (in global standings and attendance, and when viewing raids)
  • The Progressions side block now shows the proper tooltips when multiple dungeons are selected
  • XML Import for DKP has been made more flexible, aimed at supporting more DKP Addons
  • A Bug with zerosum DKP where items could be cleared if edited multiple times has been fixed

  • The weekly calendar block would sometimes error when switching weeks that cross months or years; this has now been fixed.
  • On some mobile devices, changing a characters race was not updating the class options; this is now fixed.
  • Adding threads in subforums was not always updating the parent forums thread count; this is now fixed.
  • Fixed payment issue with Google Chrome and Group Pay/Subscriptions where the form would stay disabled
  • Connection improvements for TS3 blocks.

That's all for this update, Happy Gaming! =)
Patch notes

World of Warcraft Classic

Patch Notes · Jul 15, 2019

As many of you know, World of Warcraft is where Shivtr began. It started out as the home for our own wow guild before we modified it to be a service usable by other wow guilds. So it should be no surprise we are extremely excited for Classic's launch next month =)

As players we are excited to dive back into Classic, and we are also aiming to strongly support it on Shivtr.

Classic Races & Classes
World of Warcraft Classic has been added to our games database. If you choose "World of Warcraft Classic" as your game, it will show only the race & class options available in classic, which works for characters, guildapps, event signups, etc.

Classic Item Tooltips
Item Tooltips for Classic are now available on Shivtr, showing items only available in Classic, with the stats and info they had.

To show classic tooltips on your guild site use bbcode:

DKP Systems
While the popularity of DKP systems has mostly died off in retail wow and newer games, this may make a comeback with Classic raiding. Currently Shivtr supports regular DKP and zerosum DKP, and uploading DKP through WoW Addons. We plan to see if other systems become popular in Classic as well and will aim to support them.

More to Come
We will be adding Server Status support for Classic servers once they are announced, and hope to see what other info and features Blizzard make available (Classic Armory?) that we can support on the site.

That's all for this update! Hope you are having a great summer, and perhaps see some of you in Classic next month! =)

Moving to Linode

News · Apr 03, 2019
Next Monday on April 8th Shivtr will be moving to the Linode cloud hosting platform.

Why are we moving?

Shivtr currently runs primarily on dedicated hardware, which has the drawback of being difficult to scale. Our traffic varies quite a bit and can spike with popular new game and expansion releases.

To better address this we want to be on a more easily scalable solution, and after researching several options we liked Linode's flexible server plans and customer service the best. Linode allows us to spread out the services we use to their own linodes (virtual machines) and scale them as needed for extra performance.

What will you need to do?

If your site uses a Shivtr subdomain, such as * or *, you won't need to do anything. Once the move is complete your site will simply be running on our new servers at Linode!

However, if your site uses a custom domain name, you will need to update its IP address to point to our new server. When we begin the transfer, the old server will display a maintenance message, with a note showing our new ip address and help on how to update your domain name.

If you have any questions on this feel free to ask below, or email us at

Happy gaming! =)