New Minecraft and Perfect World Themes!

Themes · Aug 10, 2011
Tonite we are releasing new official themes for Minecraft and Perfect World International!

Minecraft Bloqed Theme

Our Bloqed theme aims to mimic the blocky nature of Minecraft, and is available in green, blue and brown color schemes.

Perfect World Lucen Theme

Our Lucen theme takes advantage of the new transparency features recently added to the theme editor, and is available in red, blue and dark color schemes.

While these themes are targetted at Minecraft and Perfect World, they can of course be used with any game by customizing them with our theme editor.


Alethia ·
I love the Perfect World content box theme. Good job. :)
Darth Snuggle ·
I like the content box border, how can I apply that to my site without rebuilding everything?
8 Toes ·
Hi DarkWraith,

The theme is separate from your layout/content; so you can just apply without having to rebuild anything =)
Dark Arc ·
Alright, that's epic. Been looking for MineCraft for a while. Thanks guys :)
darkwings ·
i like the pwi theme but how can i apply it without delete my guild picture
8 Toes ·
Hi Darkwings,

You could just save your existing banner to your computer, then load the new theme and upload your banner; then apply the theme =)

CrAzYoYoS ·
How do i add this to my website????
Nerdking2002 ·
Like the Comment before, I would like to know how I apply this to my WebPage, as it is not in the base Themes. Maybe I'm just blind, but would appreciate the help.
James ·
Minecraft theme doesnt work, because the link doesnt exist anymore.

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