Shivtr Mobile Preview!

Previews · Apr 18, 2012
For several months now we've been secretly at work on a small update for Shivtr... of course, small here refers only to the screen size! ;) It's our Shivtr Mobile Preview!

Mobile Guild Site
Our mobile update brings an entirely new interface to your guild, clan or community site. This interface is designed for mobile screens, and feels similar to a native mobile app, with fast navigation and easy to use actions. Here's a sneak peak:

The home page serves as a grid, allowing you quick access to each of the sections on your site. These sections obey the same rules as the web version, so they only show up if you have permission to see them and you have the feature enabled.

Once you've left the grid and entered into one of the sections for your site, you are presented with views of your data formatted for mobile. Each section follows a similar format, with navigation at the top and an action bar at the bottom (for actions such as add, edit, delete).

This should create a much more enjoyable experience when you want to access your site on the go. But of course, if you prefer the web version or need access to it on your phone, you can easily switch between them at anytime =)

Mobile Shivtr Site
Along with the new UI for your guild site, we will also be introducing a mobile version of the site:

The mobile version of Shivtr provides easy access to our blog for information and updates, as well as a hosting section listing the sites you own or belong to, where you can jump to or manage them.

A tools section will also be coming in the future, which will match the content from Currently only our LoL tools are up, but we will be expanding and adding tools for WoW, SWTOR, and many more games. These tools will be available as web apps and native mobile apps, so the tools section on the mobile site will include links to the different app stores where you can get them (such as itunes and google play).

So lots of exciting content is coming on the mobile front... soon, very soon! =)

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SKN DeathLord ·
Perfect cant wait
Azhure ·
This is awesome, have had several people wanting this :D
Nahktuul ·
Will this be available as Applications on the Android/Apple markets, or just as a mobile website?

I am always logged into my iPad on my faction's site, which works rather nicely, but I'd love to have an iPad app for it.
Nahktuul ·
Will this be available as Applications on the Android/Apple markets, or just as a mobile website?

I am always logged into my iPad on my faction's site, which works rather nicely, but I'd love to have an iPad app for it.
8 Toes ·
Hi Nahktuul,

The mobile versions of the websites are accessed simply by going to the url on your phone; they are not apps. But the tools in our site (such as talent, mastery builders, item builders, etc.) will be native apps you get from the app stores =)

Jeaz ·

I used to be a long-time customer with you but when my old guild went belly-up I stopped obviously. The guild is sort of re-formed now, but is instead a multi-game guild (we play LoL, WoW, SC2 or pretty much anything that allows MP together). I'm curious how it would work with Shivtr as I recall you had to pick one game, or none at all.

And more related to the topic - will it be possible to edit the css for the mobile site just as it is for the normal one?
Murak ·
omg guild site mobile version!! That's pro!
That's awesome!

Shivtr is the best!
Thank you to all staff
Bankai ·
This looks really cool! a very nice addition to to the package!
garysandstorm ·
Wow this is great! now guildmates can access this from work or other places where theres no PC or internet access :D Thanks shivtr!!
basher99 ·
Looks great, can't wait. Any sort of a timeline (beyond "soon" lol) to when this will roll out?
Sade ·
Looking forward to this :)

@Jeaz: I use Shivtr for my multi game guild as well. It takes some time to set up, but it does the job. Basically you make a free page for every game and one (with payment plan optional) to act as a portal site and forum. Contact me if you want some more info.
shade ·
this is nice, looking forward to it!
{๑Ðãrk§ìᵺ๑}LørdXéñdôr{Ldᴙ} ·
Very Nice.
blakeisthename ·
I love it, I have to say I started out using other guild making sites and this one is by far the best and easiest for me to use. So I'm thankful there is now going to be an awesome mobile site! Danke!
Guard ·
Please add Guild Wars 2 to the tools section, thank you!
Othium ·
Awesome! Please add more content for Star Wars the Old Republic as well. Love Shivtr so far.
Diener ·
If at all possible could this be a Windows Phone App too
UnrealAnubis ·
UnrealAnubis ·
UnrealAnubis ·
UnrealAnubis ·
Okpalaoka3 ·
Agwa stil dey yala
Sahira ·
So we can't tweak and add colors to our mobile theme, looks really bad in black and white only lol...

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