New Mists of Pandaria Themes!

Themes · Sep 17, 2012
World of Warcraft's new expansion, Mists of Pandaria, is coming next week! And in preparation we have a new official theme to announce:

Pasia Theme
Today we are launching our latest official theme, Pasia, which packs a pinch of Pandaren posh, for happy Pandas everywhere!

View Pasia Theme

Pandaria Race & Class Icons
Race & Class icons have also been added for the Pandaren and Monk; these can be seen in sections of your site such as the Recruitment and Roster.

What's Coming!
Over the past two months we've been working hard on a major update to our platform, and some big changes are afoot! We're also looking to add new WoW and GW2 features, improve our theme editor, permissions, DKP section and more! Lots incoming this fall! =)


Hell_Throne ·
Vedma ·
Good job but old-time sites usually don't swap their themes like people swap clothes. Websites just choose a theme, expand it, build more around it and stick to it.
Are we getting a [ spoiler ] tag any time soon? Or any other tag to hide information and allow users to click to see it?
Vedma ·
God, no warnings that BBCode doesn't work in this area. Thanks. Not
franz ·
Thank you for all...
Succes always...
Capljica ·
This Panda themes will update automaticly or we need to download them , bcs i dont have panda theme on my site ...

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