Multigaming Preview

Previews · Nov 22, 2012
Today we have a preview of a new feature we’ve been working on at Shivtr - Multigame Support!

Multigaming allows a single Shivtr site to support multiple games, and that means game-specific features (such as character race & class options, server status and item tooltips) work for each game, and also that each game has its own data (for sections such as characters, journals, events, etc). Here’s an example:

As you switch games the theme of the site updates, as well as the list of characters gets changed, along with the race & class options, and even the side blocks for Server Status and Recruitment blocks update their data!

Adding Games: That Was Easy!
With the multigaming feature, one of our goals is to keep the cost of maintenance for the feature low. And by that we mean, a site with three games should not feel like three times as much work to manage.

To achieve this we’ve made several changes to how Shivtr works. First up, you no longer need to setup races & classes for your site. Instead, we’ve created a games database which supports a large list of games and has preset options for factions, races, classes and subclasses. Now, you simply select your game (and a faction if applicable) and it will load all the race & class information you need.

Next up, the layout for your site is global across all of your games. What this means is, rather than having to add a Server Status block for each game, and a Recruitment block for each game, you just add the one block, and the information shown changes as you switch games. This setup makes it very easy to add and remove games your community is playing, and also helps to keep your site consistent as you switch games.

One Bar To Rule Them All
The final change we wish to discuss is the new bar Shivtr sports across the top of each page.

On the left is the site actions and information. The site’s name, along with the available games you can select are listed here, as well as easy access to the Site Admin and Applications (for those with permissions to access them).

On the right is the user actions and information. The user’s name, along with a dropdown of sites they belong to is shown, as well as buttons for Who’s Online, Messages, Chat and Activities. These buttons contain counts and alert which update in real time to notify you of new content. This is aimed at making it easier than ever to catch and respond to new content posted to your site =)

That’s all for this preview, we’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on our new multigaming feature in the comments below =)


Sade ·
The long awaited has arrived ^^
Great work guys :)
Alethia ·
Congratulations. :) Now I'm just hoping you did that earlier but I'm already all settled in on another site.
Jeaz ·
Looks really nice and something we've been waiting on. Any ETA on this?
Coffee4cr ·
love the new top menu bar
TenshiKiri ·
Zhankou ·
Ashem ·
The new top menu bar looks much better then the outdated Users Online box and messages bar. That is a great improvement. I've found as someone trying to run a gaming community over a lot of games organizing the forums is a nightmare, I really hope this helps.
How do you get it
notatall ·
Really looks to be a good addition to the shivtr community. Looking forward to it's release.
Marlan ·
I can't wait! The update looks fantastic! =)
FireHero ·
Well i already have 2 sites set up for to games is there a way to add them togther then so i dont have move all the info over from 1 to another by hand?
8 Toes ·
Jeaz: we're aiming to release this in the first week of december

firehero: we should be able to assist most users who setup multiple sites for multigaming to consolidate them into one after this goes live =)
Zhankou ·
8 Toes, u cant even imagen how happy i am with this feature. Been waiting several years for this, and the time has finally come! Again, good job :D
Ravenmoon ·
How do I activate it. OR when is it going live if it is not yet x.x
When will this option be available?
SupremuZ ·
say waaaaat?
mrdna ·
Love the idea of this and should help us alot as we have changed from a one game guild to 2/3 lately .

The main thing for us know would be with the shout box will it be multi game i.e can we have a shout box that works across the 2/3 games sites as one ?
skeggi ·
En voilà une bien bonne nouvelle :)
Zhankou ·
Almost ready?! waiting with lots of enthusiasm!
Jeaz ·
lets hope so.

A question - the top bar. The shivtr icon - is that replaceable? And is the bar open for css edits?
8 Toes ·
Hi Jeaz,

That is the site's favicon, so it will show what you've set; and yes you can change the bar with css if you like; we'll likely make the bar customizable in the theme editor with a future update.

mrdna ·
Will the Shout box be shared across the multi games sites ?? As a guild we use the shout box alot so being on say our wow or swtor site we would like to have the same shout box
Mr Mirage ·
My community is very anxious for this. Any update on the release date?
yes Mr. Mirage! Sometimes this weekend.
shaze ·
Any news regarding this? Since this Weekend is about to end soon and we are really burning to get this amazing feature :)
Yes, the feature is out/released tomorrow.
DHBloodwolf ·
Yes. I just had a brillant day becuase it was my birthday I got £90 in my pocket aand now I am buzzing for the release of the multigaming on Shivtr.
It's not happening today. If would have happened by now.
Mr Mirage ·
8 Toes, did you mean the first week of January? :P Impatiently and anxiously awaiting this awesome new feature. Any updates on the release yet?
8 Toes ·
Hi Mr Mirage,

We're spending a bit of extra time testing to ensure there are no ghosts in the machine ready to wreck havoc when this goes live, since a lot of data and code is being adjusted with this update. Very soon now tho =)

Happy Holidays,
Mr Mirage ·
Thank you for the update, 8 toes! Happy Holidays!
Espcevan ·
Is there going to be any tools for Minecraft? Just wondering as i am using this site for Minecraft Purposes

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