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Previews · Jan 10, 2013

With 2012 well in the past by over 9000 minutes, its time to look forward to what we got in store for 2013, and there's no better way to kick that off then with a preview of our next update, Wireframes!

What are Wireframes?
Shivtr offers you a vast collection of themes available to use with your site, however these themes all rely on the same html markup, and therefore must have the same elements with the same placement for each one. A little too cookie-cutter, perhaps? Wouldn't it be great if themes could offer more layout options, using a variety of elements, that could be positioned differently?

We think so too! And that's where wireframes come in. Each wireframe provides its own html markup and set of elements that can be positioned anywhere. For example, one wireframe may position the main menu above the banner, whereas another combines the banner and main menu together. A more advanced wireframe may take the topbar and the information it shows and instead display it in a side panel with a responsive design.

Wireframes allow us to inject more variety and options into each theme, and will make the newer themes we release this year very interesting! =)

Color Schemes
Along with wireframes, many changes to the theme editor and themes list are coming with this update, and one we want to talk a little more about is color schemes.

Currently in our official themes list you will see themes such as Vas Red, Vas Blue, Vas Green, etc. With the next update, we will be grouping these themes together into one Vas theme. The Vas theme will then have color schemes available such as Red, Blue and Green. This change allows us to provide a cleaner themes list for you, and also makes our theme editor easier to use, as you will be able to cycle through the color schemes in the editor.

Simplified Theme Editor
While our theme editor is a great tool, for the vast majority of our users its a little overkill with too many options. Most users simply wish to select an existing theme they like and make a few customizations to it, such as changing the banner, wallpaper and some colors. For our more advanced users creating their own grandious designs, they typically forego our editor and make use of our Custom CSS feature.

We wish to embrace this more, so a streamlined theme editor will be introduced that is faster and easier to use for small customizations, while making CSS a more visible feature with better documentation for advanced users.

Overall, our aim with this update is to provide a greater variety of themes for Shivtr, while making them easier to find and customize. As always, we love to hear your feedback =)


PunxsutawnyFil ·
Will you be able to edit, enable, or disable the outline of the block/widgets?
Murlorc ·
Awesome! So, when is the next update?
Luna ·
I am looking forward to this:)

One suggestion, would it be possible to add RaidCall to the voice program thingies box?
Jeaz ·
While I love these features as someone who using custom CSS and so on for my site, I do think you should have focused on working more Game DB bits into the site and more "completing" your multi-game feature before moving on. Game specific events, roles, progress tracking and so on.
Griearth ·
Not sure how you would do this but it would be really useful if you could provide a way for us to preview how the changes will affect our sites before they go live. As someone who has heavily modified our site, it has been frustrating to log in and find the layout screwed after a big update.

That said, looking forward to what possibilities the new architecture will bring. As always, you guys are benchmark in the market.
bonjovirocksman ·
Mariah ·
plzma ·
what theme is used in the front pic and the back one? :)
Rohan ·
Oh I just started out, & I think did a rather good job with the site already! :D But I will be looking forward to doing some more editing!
garysandstorm ·
pleased with this, did find the current editor frustrating many times, and alot of back and forth where things seemed it could be simpler. I look forward to future changes, i know you guys are always up to something and appreciate the wonderful home you provide for my guild and I!! :D
garysandstorm ·
which is why i switched from free to payed after ive been here a year and am pleased with the service and quality both in website and support. Always willing to help on a reasonable response time. Keep it up!
Dark Arc ·
Boncoló ·
sounds great :)
{๑Ðãrk§ìᵺ๑}LørdXéñdôr{Ldᴙ} ·
Another update, for one of the greatest site hosting companies out there. Screw enjin.
DavidCoppafeel ·
I completely agree with that comment
Xexis ·
Mihybrid ·
Nice addition, but would be even nicer if we could do away with the wire frames all together or even keep in place the frames for the posts but allow more expansive changes to the Back ground. The wire frames for the side panels, top panels and so forth sometimes do not allow for pictures from outside to match up. The duel side panels make it so that you have to use the same picture section and this makes it harder to work with.
Tree ·
Any rough timescale on the wireframes 8Toes? Days? Weeks? Months?
Star ·
Sounds great! Keep up the great work.
Star ·
Can't wait for this!!!
TheCop ·
I'd like to make a recommendation - but not sure where to do so? Would be great if you can create an IRC bot. So website events give live feedback on the desired IRC channels. Majority of clans do use IRC in some form and would be a great addition to the gaming experience :)
Nienor ·
+1 on the irc comment :P So, when can we expect this update? :)
Damarus ·
I saw this expected at the end of February in another post (about bare block). Any update on when this will be coming?
8 Toes ·
Hi Damarus,

While working on this update it's become much larger than its initial scope, to the point we'll likely call it Shivtr 2.0 when it goes live. We may post a preview in the first week of May but I'll post a quick rundown here as well =)

So we've added the Wireframes and an entirely new Theme Editor to support them; this new Theme Editor is very streamlined and each theme let's you select from several color schemes, as well as from collections of premade banners and wallpapers. This makes creating a new theme much faster and more fun, as there are many more premade pieces to select from =)

The Theme Editor and Wireframes have added several new elements, so a large portion of our existing themes have been re-crafted to take advantage of them and been tweaked and updated to a more modern look.

As the entire themes section needed to be rewritten for this update, we've also taken this opportunity to update the actual site, which now sports an entirely new design and branding. Each section received lots of added visuals and polish, for example this blog gained graphical categories, nested comments, user avatars, tags and more. Every section received this treatment, including the Site Admin, which also gained several new features.

The guild sites themselves also received a lot of new polish to support the new theming, and now have the necessary structure to allow fully responsive themes. What this means is, shortly after this next update goes live, rather than having our desktop view and separate mobile client for your sites, there will just be one client, but it can resize and scale to support desktop clients, tablets and also phones, all while maintaining your set look and feel from the theming. (if you are curious how this would work you can go to our site and try resizing your browser; that site is already fully responsive)

So while this update has been baking a bit longer in the oven, a lot has been added to it in the process as well. Most of the major work is already completed and we are mostly focusing on polish now, so this should be coming fairly soon now =)
Damarus ·
Sounds like something to be very excited about.
Heapsgood ·
Can't wait for this to be released - especially the CSS Documentation.

You said you have basically rewritten everything. Will you be still using html tables for everything? Guess not when everything is now responsive.
Heapsgood ·
Can't wait for this to be released - especially the CSS Documentation.

You said you have basically rewritten everything. Will you be still using html tables for everything? Guess not when everything is now responsive.
Heapsgood ·
nvm. just checked the site and no html tables there... awesome.
Ace ·
I started making two clans

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