Shivtr 2.0 Preview

Previews · Aug 01, 2013
It's the middle of summer and fiery hot, so what better time to grab a cool drink and read through this sneak peak at our next update! =)

This update was initially focused solely on the theme editor, aimed at improving and simplifying the experience of designing your site. But as we worked features spilled out to other areas and the scope of the update quickly became large. Really large. Like able to do battle with a Jaeger large! It was no longer a simple update to the theme editor, and now that its nearly ready we decided to name it Shivtr 2.0 -- so what's new?

Streamlined Theme Editor
Likely the most exciting highlight for this update is our new theme editor. We've streamlined the process of tweaking a theme to be easier, faster, and more fun. To facilitate this we've changed how theming works on Shivtr.

Each theme now belongs to a wireframe. The wireframe sets which elements are available to the theme and its layout. Wireframes allow us to offer vastly different themes, for example some may have menubars, or side panels, or avatar frames, or even a headline block as a banner. This allows us to break the mold and offer a much wider variety of themes going forward.

Color Schemes
Each theme now has color schemes. Whereas before there were multiple themes such as Crey Blue, Crey Purple and Crey Dark; in the new setup there is just one Crey theme, and it has the color schemes blue, purple and grey (the new Crey actually has 6 color schemes now). These color schemes style the base elements for you, such as the boxes, buttons and forms, and can be switched through instantly while designing your theme. They also work with any changes you make, so you can select a banner or wallpaper image and switch through each color scheme to find the one that matches best.

Preset Images
The banner and wallpaper elements, which are the two most customized elements in our existing editor, are now front and center in the new UI. While you can still upload your own banner and wallpaper, we now offer a selection of premade images for each of these. Combining color schemes and preset images makes it super easy to create an awesome looking game-specific theme for your community.

Simplified UI
And finally we'd like to quickly discuss the new editor's UI. Rather than having a popup topbar as you click on each element, the UI is now simplified into a sidebar. The design elements available are clear and easy to understand, and every action you perform on a theme is done with ajax, which means no page refreshes (even when adding css), making for a very fast and fluid design experience.

A quick faq for existing themes:
  • Site themes will remain exactly as they are. Your sites appearance will not change unless you choose to apply a new theme.
  • User themes, such as your private saved themes, will not be copied over automatically to the new setup; however, during the first two weeks this update is live you can email us requesting we restore any of your old user themes and we will do so. The reason these are not copied over automatically is there are hundreds of thousands of them; the vast majority of which are not needed, and they have poor compatibility with the new theming system.

Freshly Redesigned
Along with the new theme editor, the entire site has been redesigned. New branding, a modern look and responsive views everywhere, the new better represents our product now, and where we'll be taking it in the future!

Full-Featured Blog
Our official blog is receiving a lot of polish with this redesign. Blog posts are now organized into categories and have like, subscribe and share features, and comments now support nesting, likes, user avatars, and badges for Shivtr employees, so you can easily find official responses.

AJAX-Powered Site Admin
The Site Admin has also been improved and is now powered entirely by ajax, so it is fast. Really fast. The menu has been reorganized for clarity, and several new features have been added as well; including one of the more requested featured, you can now Transfer Site ownership from within the Site Admin.

Improved Games Database
Our Games DB now supports heroes for LoL, DOTA2 and HON; when your game is set to one of these, the heroes are available on your site and members can display who they play. Server Status is now shown for supported games as well, so you can see which servers we have status info for, and whether they are online or offline; this same info can be shown on your site with the Server Status block.

New Help Center
We are also releasing a brand new section to the site, our own help center. This new help center uses your Shivtr account, so you'll no longer need an account with an external service such as getsatisfaction. It also sports many new features including being able to vote up ideas and problems, see what we have under development, the new enhanced comments from our blog, syntax highlighting for CSS and Json examples and lots more.

GuildSite Polish
In addition to the changes to our theme editor and site, we have also packed in many enhancements to your community sites as well.

Updated Blocks
Many of the side blocks have been tweaked and improved, here's a few examples. The Site Stats block now shows graphs of your past traffic, visitors or both. The Recruitment block now allows recruiting by Class or Subclass. The Polls block now works like Progressions, allowing you to have multiple side polls if you want.

Modern Style
As a result of the many improvements to the theming features, the guild sites have received many visual updates. Pollbars and buttons now look more stylish, forms are cleaned up, and many new elements such as avatar frames and menubars are now available.

BBcode Spoilers
One of the more requested features we have had lately, BBcode spoiler tags, are also included in this update, which can be great for discussing tournament results and similar topics.

New Json API
For our more advanced users, Shivtr's API will be Json only and the XML API will be phased out. The new Json API is easier to work with, better documented, and has more information available. One example is the new game object showing your games info, faction, races, classes and subclasses. There are also new objects for server status, heroes, the logged in user and much more!

That's all for this preview! We hope this has been a nice sneak peak into some of the many changes we've been working on for the past few months, and as always we love to hear your feedback =)


Frakko ·
Really nice, cant wait :)
Keep up the good work.
Frakko ·
I would love to get under each account the ability to input psn, xbox, steam details, today it has aim and other.
AureusHX ·
Looks incredible! Excited to start usin' it.
Claytoun ·
really interested in putting my hands on this brand new shivtr!
Claytoun ·
BTW I would love to have more support for DC Universe Online
LordAlgammoN ·
thank you very much :)
Tahmine ·
good job guys, thx for hard work
Fruitstar ·
Thumbs up! :D
Dayon ·
Paragraph indentation in the BBcode, please.
Bowskull ·
PLEASE!!! roll it out! we want it! :)
Faz Talan ·
/cheer ^^ woohoo.. bring it on 8toes!
Damarus ·
Wow. Thanks for posting
{๑Ðãrk§ìᵺ๑}LørdXéñdôr{Ldᴙ} ·
Pretty amazing, anything that can make your site experience faster and easier has to be a good thing.
Flitch ·
when when when when?????
wraven ·
If the Blog is getting like and share, does that mean Facebook? Will we be getting connectivity to like and share updates as well from our respective webpages?
Fe ·
Looks really nice, can't wait to test it out! Keep up the good work guys :)
Lautreamont ·
Great job shivtr staff... well done.
abstrakt ·
is there a way we can create a mumble box for a 3rd party mumble provider other than using an html box i cant seem to find one
Chaskadaye ·
Do we have a date set for the new Shivtr?
Louhfu ·
Can't wait to play around with this.
Annie Mia ·
Can't wait! Looking good guys, looking real good B)
Zeeb ·
Totally awesome! Looking forward to the new upgrades! Thanks for all the hard effort. :)
lnwulf ·
When is "tapatalk" support coming to the forums?
Darklings-Forgotten-Ranger ·
I cant wait! This will be a Awesome Update!
starboysfo ·
Would love to have a much wider selection of BBCode options for postings....also, can pics be added to posts, not just in the Gallery....that would be great!

In the gallery, would love to have a 'Next' button/arrow on the large view, currently have to close it, go back to the miniview to see the next pic...

Thanks for all your work!
MichaelBuckley ·
Can't wait. And as Chaskadaye asked, is ther a date set yet.
Jesya ·
When is this coming. I want it :(
Vitalbow ·
WOW this is great. is this an update to the website I ready have or will it need a new domain and forums
malox5 ·
When can we expect to get this?
Helix_Gaming ·
Would be great if you could link Xfire to Shivtr.
Cabbage ·
As a site admin, these changes look very promising! One major complaint I have from my members though is the mobile interface. Will we be able to expect any updates, or possibly even an App, for the mobile site in the future?
Karon ·
Hey there.. i really like the Features of Shivtr and we are thinking of moving our Site from a different host to shivtr. But one thing really is holding us currently and you may want to look into it. Its the Payment Options.. Paypal "only" which can only be paid by the holder of the site is a "no go" for us and for many other guilds, since certain countries are not really paypal friendly. So if you would add more payment options, direct payment, donations or w/e else, then shivtr will be golden.
Velixtra ·
Really like this, my only issue is with payment options. I feel that having PayPal as your only payment option is somewhat restrictive. Adding a direct payment option would be very beneficial.
Kronin ·
AWWWW hellsss yeah Well done guys :D will there be ladders for top guilds for different games ?
Frakko ·
Ye I would agree on the ones saying paypal only problem, make it maybe some other options and group-pay where people can add days then you can have multiple people from site adding days to ur sub.
Frakko ·
Also, add more stuff for wildstar online, but I think that will come later, keep up the good work, love shivtr. mobile stuff is awesome here as well.
Flavius ·
This looks AWESOME , i mean it allows you to make new themes for your website more faster , detailed , more .... modern . This new look will make you want to create a new theme ( or modify a theme ) every few days . Great work Shivtr staff / members , can't wait to see the new look , create a new theme using the new features.
XtremeNerf ·
Nice,Its cool
Hombrélobo ·
Awesome, I can't wait for this update! :D
TiGeR_120 ·
Good work,kinda awesome
Nienor ·
Can't wait to get my hands on all the new admin tools, especially the the editor. Great work!
Trigg ·
This is looking great! Can not wait to see this things implemented within the features!
sasunka ·
Just one question... Could you add Cube World to the "Tools" section, as well as in other sections where a game selection is requested?
sasunka ·
When will this come out anyway?
Hex00010 ·
I have a few ideas in mind for future Shivtr updates. But for starters, this is an awesome step for the community.

Videos: Allow us to create categories and sub-categories for the Videos section. For example, in World of Warcraft, I could create the category "Raids", and as a sub-category I could create "Throne of Thunder".

Roster: I believe in slim, neat designs. Although the Roster section looks cool now. I have an idea for further categorization. For World of Warcraft the Characters tab could be broke down into classes: Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, et cetera.

Applications: As of now applications are only able to be used to register for the guild site. Possibly, for a future update this could be changed to allow applications to be used even for registered members. Also, allow Site Admins to have the ability to create multiple web applications: New Member Applications, Raider Applications, Battleground Applications, et cetera.

Great work with Shivtr 2.0 though, Shivtr! :)
Rejiem ·
I am looking forward to the new look and feel of shivtr 2.0 and all it new features.

I have 1 question, is there a posible support for private servers?
AYS'•Ṕӈᴀɴҭøӎ.™{EpPfc} ·
I can't wait
Vexx303 ·
Looks to me like you guys are spending more time on "re-designing" what already works, and not enough time on implementing "new" things...Polls are still only open to "One" Option...

Also, this is a month old? Is this like a "New Game Announcement"? Where you talk about what's new for Shivtr 2.0, but it doesnt release until Winter 2014?
Brunan ·
This looks great but I still do not know when this is coming out. Have I missed an announcement? Why so cagey about the release date?

itsyboom ·
Niceclan is really looking forward to this. We understand how hard it is estimate code development, but we'd love to hear a progress report of how implementation is going and how much closer 2.0 release is... thanks bunches!
V1nom ·
When will we see this update go live?
AYS'•Ṕӈᴀɴҭøӎ.™{EpPfc} ·
I've been having problems applying themes to my clan site, it will only apply certain things I've edited, some things will just stay the same, I hope this will fix that
AYS'•Ṕӈᴀɴҭøӎ.™{EpPfc} ·
Ugh, i've tried like 20 times, wont change
Frakko ·
any estimated time when this will be launched?
Piata ·
I'm sure they won't release Shivtr 2.0 until it meets both their and the community's high standards. You can't rush an update like this because you only have one chance at getting it right.

I'm looking forward to it whenever it arrives.
Caston ·
how to add song or music in my site
Ula Vii ·
Hi, I've been putting off doing a major revamp of my guilds theme as I wanted to wait for Shivtr 2.0 however it has been quite a while now. I was hoping to get a few questions answered so I could make a decision about whether to continue waiting or to just dive in and do it now.

1) You mention older themes may have poor compatibility with the new system, could you be more specific?
2) When you say we can contact you to copy our old themes to the new system, does this mean they will then automatically take advantage of any new functionality you added like the updated Ajax stuff and tweaked progression blocks etc.
3) My guilds site is based off one of the default themes, most of the work has just involved replacing images and I have only used 6 lines of custom CSS. Does this sound like my theme will be easy to upgrade automatically or will I have to go through and set everything manually again?
4) I bet you get asked this one a lot, any rough ETA? I mean are we looking at days/weeks/months? It's just that if it's a week or two then I will put off the redesign until then, if it's more than a month then I might get started next week. I just want to know when I should plan to take some time off from my paid work to do that.
Ula Vii ·
"So what do you think of your hosting company?"

"Shivtr are ok until you need to ask them a question and get some support"
8 Toes ·
Hi Ula Vii,

Our blog is not meant to be where you request support, its more where we announce previews, new features and updates.

If you instead make a request at one of our support channels, such as, or simply emailing, we usually reply rather quickly =)

For your questions, the new theme editor works very different from the current one and is intended to only be used with our new themes. Your old themes can be kept for reference if you want, or to apply back as is to your site, but they are not meant to be edited with the new editor. Old themes can remain and will look almost exactly as they do now, but there is no upgrading for them; to take advantage of the new editor you would need to work with the new themes.

I hope that helps, and again if you have further questions please use one of the support channels mentioned above and you will likely receive a response faster =)

Ula Vii ·
"So what do you think of your hosting company?"

"Yeah with a bit of prodding they did answer most of what I wanted to know (^_^)"
AYS'•Ṕӈᴀɴҭøӎ.™{EpPfc} ·
Yes! It's here
stokstaartje ·
I've added some custom CSS to a theme.

In the preview it looks good, but when I save and it and apply it, the changes are not live.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
Caston ·
how to add music / songs in my site

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