New Theme: Dare!

Themes · Feb 12, 2014

Today we are releasing Dare, a new grungy theme for communities wanting an edgier look! Dare is available in 5 color schemes, comes with 3 preset wallpapers and allows you to tweak its wallpaper, colors and fonts.

Want to update the look of your community with Dare or one of our other official themes? It's easy and as simple as a few clicks in our theme tweaker, so unleash your inner designer and give it a try! =)


SodiumSecure ·
I really like it and the color scheme XD
Kryptic™ ·
Ye it looks great
malox5 ·
SodiumSecure ·
I just viewed the Source Code to find the Images for the Side Box and then I edited on the Craft Your Own Template and I have to say I'm loving it.

8 Toes ·
Yamo ·
I want that Dare theme in Craft Your Own too! Teach me how - the View page source is too complicated to extract and edit myself :[
SodiumSecure ·
Wen i get home ill show you how right now im on my phone
SodiumSecure ·
Sorry it took to long YouTube was uploading it.
This video shows how to get the Images in the Source Code the easy way and how to edit it in the Craft Your Own Template.
Thanks Yamo for asking.
8 Toes ·
Very cool, thanks for sharing =)

One tip for this, the padding field accepts multiple values; if you use 2 values, the first will be top/bottom and the second will be left/right; so for example with the box content image you can set the padding to be 0px 10px, and that would make it only pad the sides =)

SodiumSecure ·
Lol i should make a better one thats explains it in more detail
Yamo ·
My gosh, its so jolly good! Thanks SodiumSecure, you've been mega helpful!
Thanks guys for the awesome theme!
{Aus}NumNum ·
Smexy as, sometimes I wish my clan played RPG's because dis theme I want to see every time I hit that Favourites shortcut
Yeah looks cool!
AYS'•Ṕӈᴀɴҭøӎ.™{EpPfc} ·
Looks cool, but I still really want all the old themes to be brought back.
33 Armor Regimental ·
I cant wait for a time when you do one in a World of Tanks theme.
Tensen ·
how do you change the header image though?
8 Toes ·
This theme only has a wallpaper, but the content is pushed down so the wallpaper also acts like the banner =) [you could edit your wallpaper to make it include your banner graphic if you liked]
Tensen ·
But there is no way to remove the text from the banner is there?

Usually there is a banner section to the tweaks...
PS: I really like the look btw, and would like to incorporate it, CSS dummy here :)
8 Toes ·
For themes without a banner, there is a "Text Visible" setting in the wallpaper section; change that to hidden and it hides the text =)
AYS'•Ṕӈᴀɴҭøӎ.™{EpPfc} ·
What are the dimensions for the Craft Your Own Box Headers, and Side Box Headers?
SodiumSecure ·
OMG I for got about this and I'm sure a lot of you didn't know about this. Your website has a RSS feed thank to Shivtr, all you have to do is just put a (.atom) after the URL here is an example - this will only work with News, Forums, Journals and Events just put the .atom after the URL I hope this helps. ^_^

Note: The name Atom applies to a pair of related Web standards. The Atom Syndication Format is an XML language used for web feeds, while the Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub or APP) is a simple HTTP-based protocol for creating and updating web resources.
SodiumSecure ·
This works best on Firefox or you can get a free RSS feed from
DragonRider ·
Thanks for your hard work!
Fighterbear12 ·
Looks really nice!
Admin ·
It's cool but the tweak doesn't save my new settings since some days... I don't know why, I can't edit the text colour or something, okay I can but it doesn't save it! I just can change the banner!!!!!!!!
Rozettt ·
Since you guys dont have support, I want to cancel my payment plan but it is not working. I clicked on my billing tab and clicked cancel on the bottom but then it brings me to paypal with a title saying the unsubscribed button is invalid. Help please :/
8 Toes ·
Hi Rozettt,

Can you email and post a link to your site and we'll help you get it sorted =)
Inspirace ·
Can i change color of Layouts names? Or Menu..Main page font colors...I can see it's automatically selected by choosing your theme :( Or am I blind? I couldn't find this option :(
izox92 ·
Got a problem with Tweaks, i used one of the themes and then made som changes in CSS but when i go to the website, nothing have changes only the background wallpaper.? anyone that can help.

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