New Theme: Jarid!

Themes · May 12, 2014

Today we are releasing Jarid, a sci-fi theme geared towards WildStar and other space-faring communities! Jarid is available in 4 color schemes and comes with 6 WildStar wallpapers to choose from. (and you can of course upload your own as well!)

Want to update the look of your community with Jarid or one of our other official themes? It's easy and as simple as a few clicks in our theme tweaker, so unleash your inner designer and give it a try! =)


nostopndont ·
Nice clean look! Well done.
malox5 ·
Not bad. Any news on site feature updates?
malox5 ·
Is there any way to get just the box frames without having to change anything else on my theme?
malox5 ·
Just began using it so here is my constructive criticism:

-Limited editing.
The editing feature on this theme are very basic and not as detailed as the other themes.

-Preset colours.
Although the preset colours are nice, I would like to see a custom coulour selection.

-No custom banner.
I can't use my custom banner which makes my site look a bit crude and dull with the regular writing.

-Box spacing.
The spacing between the side boxes is a bit to big. My shoutbox is now quite far down the page. A little vertical tessellation wouldn't be a bad thing.

A good effort though, as nostopndont said, it has a nice clean look, but it looks like it is aimed more at newbies.
Ula Vii ·
The new update you did to the forums today seems to of slightly broken them for me. Here is my guilds forum, you can see several sub-forums below Raiding. Those are for our old raid groups that no longer exist. I deleted those forums months ago. If I click on one like Razor Squadron I can see at the top it says "Deleted 8 months ago".
8 Toes ·
Ack thanks for reporting this; we forgot to copy delete status with the forums when we duplicated them >_<

You can go ahead and re-delete the duplicates that were created and it should clean it up.

8 Toes ·
Re-ran a new script which should clean this up, thanks again for the report =)
Ula Vii ·
Thanks for the quick response :)
Ula Vii ·
Ah the forum problem is still there for me. Here is our top level forum page. One of the forums is called Raiding, it is set to only be viewable by guild members. I can see a list of the subforums below it. This list is still showing me all the old deleted forums. If I go into one then it still shows the correct "Deleted 8 months ago" text at the top. So currently there is only actually 1 active sub forum called Rogue Squadron but on the top level forum page it is still showing the 6 old deleted sub forums as well. I'm hoping as the Shivtr staff you can see those links as a site admin or maybe just my text description will be enough :)
8 Toes ·
Ah I see, thanks this is now fixed =)
Ula Vii ·
ah so it is, thanks again :)
Tokki ·
Is there a way You can add a feature so i can put my own banner up top. Dont see an option to add custom banner
8 Toes ·
This theme only has a wallpaper; you could customize your wallpaper to make it appear to have a banner as well if you wanted tho =)

You can also use the Offset Top setting to move the content up or down to give the wallpaper more room

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