Moar Mumble Servers!

News · May 28, 2014

Today we are expanding our Mumble service to 4 new locations across the globe! In North America we now have 3 locations spread out across the continent, and for our European gamers we have servers in London, UK =)

You can easily change locations for your Mumble in the Site Admin at any time; changes happen instantly so feel free to experiment and see which location works best for your community.

* only the settings shown in the Site Admin are copied to your new server when you switch locations. Any channels, groups or permissions you setup will need to be recreated at the new location.

Old Mumble Expires June 14
Please note that our old mumble server will be shutdown on June 14th. If you are on the old server, you must choose one of our 4 new locations before this date. Choosing a new location will not affect your mumble on our old server, you will have access to both until June 14th. So be sure to make the switch before then and notify your community =)


variable00 ·
By moving to the new servers do we loose all our old settings, permissions, channels and so forth? Is there a way to export from the old server and import into the new or do we have to go through the hassle of recreating everything on the new server?
8 Toes ·
Yes, you do need to recreate any channels, groups and ACL permissions you setup when you switch locations (or from the old mumble server to a new one).

When moving from the old mumble server to the new ones, you will have access to both until June 14th, so you can view the settings of each to ensure they match though =)
suprim ·
Hi, Thanks for notification,

How should I change or switch my forum from your old server to new ones? where should I start it?
Kindly advise soon

8 Toes ·
This is just for mumble; you can change the mumble location in Site Admin -> Mumble =)
suprim ·
thanks :)
malox5 ·
Cool, when can we expect the next big system update with the new features?

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