May Roundup!

News · Jun 03, 2014

Welcome to May's Roundup, highlighting new content, patches and bugfixes that were added to Shivtr throughout the month.

This is a new post type we're trying out. If you find it useful and would like to see more roundups in the future let us know in the comments below!

New Content


  • A note stating "Requires Premium to apply" has been added in the CSS section of the Theme Tweaker.
  • Unread forum posts and Private Messages were updated to fix a performance regression and now perform better.
  • Threads now always use the permissions from the forum.
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails have been updated to the latest versions.
  • Our chat server has been upgraded to new hardware, allowing it to support more connections and IPv6.
  • The Twitch block added in April now also shows Offline users.
  • The page footer at the bottom of your guild now expands to the bottom of the browser window when the page is too short.
  • Our Server Status page has been updated to show the new Chat and Mumbles servers.
  • Applicants can now view or comment on their own app using either the view token from their email, or by logging in with their applicant account.


  • Games with multiple factions now keep races and classes assigned correctly when All Factions is used. Thanks Selaya! =)
  • Additional validation rules were added to catch edge cases that cropped up. (such as users entering super long numbers for their character level)
  • Our Poder theme no longer has display issues with IE11.
  • GuildOx block fixed to support new urls for guild names. Thanks Jeno!
  • Forms now become disabled when they are submitted to prevent duplicate submissions. Thanks Anthony!


Lukoi ·
Great round up.

Any chance you guys can add a page that allows us to organize our "chains of command" and organizations? Basically a way to create a table or org chart out of our membership/rank pages so it auto populates or so we can slide in the names.
whit3wintr ·
I agree with your idea of the organization or "Chain of Command" It will be a great help for all of the communities or clans using shivtr's service
Lhisa ·
I'm currently using your free service, I can create custom menus, but the submenu pages don't show up. The can only display by the actual link.

8 Toes ·
This is by design; if you mouse over the "Read Me" text on the Site Admin -> Menus page it explains why the submenus need to be disabled with the free plan (tho you can use them with the side menu block still)
Dragonel ·
" WildStar tooltips for abilities are enabled from To use them take a peak at this post. "

How can i put the HTML code in the Head seaction of my Page?
Tried to Copy that a href link into my Forum but didn.t work out...

Have the Free Plan

*edit at works on my own Pages but not in the Forum is there a way to get it there?

xDiscoSuperflyx ·
I like the newsletter, thanks.

My suggestion for further tweaks is that I keep getting an error message when I try to send an e-mail to a specific member while using my Android phone. I can choose the member's name using the round radio button in the dropdown menu, but when I press "send" it says I have to choose a member's name (which I just had done). Frustrating.

Also, my shivtr website is for Clash of Clans. Would love a Clash of Clans-specific template (we don't have guilds, we have clans; our ranks are Leader, Co-leader, Elder, and Member; we don't have "characters", we have accounts, etc.)
Cowboy ·
Something that NEEDS TO HAPPEN in my opinion is more customization options! more freedom in the options. It is so hard to do anything with the current one! The old version had more freedom than the current one...

And there needs to be a option in themes where people can post there themes. I mean i dont steal them but i like to post mine & I like to see what some people can do and it amazes me but now i cant.

So Shivtr to shorten it. The customization is a downgrade compared to the original customization settings.
Peter Whyte ·
I couldn't agree more i cant even get the wallpaper to go down to the bottom of the screen without it screwing up the center column part of the wallpaper. I defiantly preferred the old version!
whit3wintr ·

I personally would also like to change the names of the sub-tags such as member, character and rank in the Roster tag. I'm not sure if it is in the purchased version seeing that I use the free service, but I don't use the ranks to put down a ranking structure. I use the ranks for my companies and put my ranks in a special forum. I would like to be able to change the names of the sub-tags, for ex. change Rank to Company
Citrik ·
There is still a bug when members sign up for events. A lot of times it puts the role twice for the member instead of their power, or vice versa. It makes it difficult to view who's doing what on the mobile site, in addition to just looking sloppy on the regular site. I can show examples if needed.
Ula Vii ·
I like this kind of post, nice to know what's been done each month. I noticed you also fixed the blocks view permission problem where it was still outputting restricted blocks just with the visibility disabled, good job :)

I've not had the double signup problem and none of my guildies have reported it as a problem. Could be theme dependent.
Citrik ·
I think it may be game specific. We play DC Universe Online. I've changed the theme multiple times and the issue is still there. I've seen it on other people's websites as well. Unfortunately I have no clue who to contact about it.
Clankilla187 ·

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