Summer Roundup!

News · Sep 16, 2014

Welcome to the Roundup, highlighting new content, patches and bugfixes that were added to Shivtr over the past few months.

New Content

  • WildStar tooltips are enabled from To use them take a peak at this post.
  • We launched our Forums Update featuring subscriptions, responsive views, font icons and more!
  • Our Forums Polish update folllowed shortly after, adding forum tooltips, multigame forums and many UI enhancements.

New Hardware

  • Our app servers got upgrades in August; with faster disks, more cores and more memory your sites are served blazingly fast!
  • We also migrated our chat servers to new hardware, which allows them to support more concurrent connections.


  • Progression amounts character limit was increased from 6 to 7.
  • HTML attributes to support flash games are now whitelisted.
  • Sites can no longer be flagged for deletion while they have an active subscription; your subscription must first be cancelled.
  • Favicons now must be a png, jpg or gif; .ico is no longer supported.
  • When you tell a box to hide graphics it now also hides the border.


  • Forum post preview now works on mobile.
  • PM'ing a member from their profile now works again.
  • Twitch block displays featured channels and games properly.
  • Twitch block no longer auto scrolls on update.
  • Validation for classes on applications no longer resets.
  • Fixed an issue with Allied events always showing on calendars.
  • All active sites are now properly listed at
  • Group discussions pagination is now fixed. Thanks Wes! =)
  • Ventrilo status updated to work on new hardware. Thanks Ding! =)


MrPain1981 ·
gj guys :D
Zaph ·
Great work! Just wondering, is there a way you can verify sites via Google Webmaster Tools?
mihaiioan ·
Great job! Keep it going.
itsyboom ·
Mrflower ·
Well done :D
Shadow ·
Bahamout ·
keep up the good work!

david782 ·
sup y'all
mpak23 ·
Hi all
Vigil ·
Great job, really like these roundups!
Chaskadaye ·
Anarchy ·
just discovered this website not too long ago. Loving it already :D!
Max0r ·
WoW characters no longer auto-switch to DK every time someone edits their character, good fix +1

Custom column # profiles very good for forums +1

Thread/forum-section subscriptions very good +1


Ula Vii ·
The event calendar is still broken. The >> next week link skips 2 weeks ahead, this changes each day so I'll keep posting here again to show you how it works on a day by day basis. By that I mean at some point in the week it fast-forwards to the next week correctly but the rest of the time it skips ahead 2 weeks. This has a direct impact on my guilds event signups as the new members signup 2 weeks ahead and then get annoyed when they find they don't have reserved raid spots the next week which they thought they had signed up for.

Main site with event calendar near the top:
Link copied from >>:
Link should be:

So if I click the >> now it skips to the week starting 13th October instead of week starting 6th.

Once it's landed you on the wrong week, you can do << to go back to the correct one, if you do << twice to end up back at the current week and then click >> again it does land you correctly at next week but obviously that is pretty lame to explain to new recruits.

I love your site hosting but this is a real pain and it means me and my officers have to say the same thing each week when we get angry complaints:

"yeah it's a great site host but their event calendar is shit as it's been broken for over 2 years and they can't be arsed fixing it even though we've told them several times"

I mean, that's not great advertising but unfortunately it's the truth.
Ula Vii ·
I wrote that yesterday which was Sunday. Now it's ticked midnight so it's Monday and the calendar is showing the new week and the >> skips ahead correctly.
8 Toes ·
Hi Ula,

This bug is due to some issues with time zones and how we parse the events; with the next update to the events calendar we are rewriting how reoccurring events get parsed to make them more flexible (allowing multi-day events and more flexible reoccur options), and this will fix this issue.

The events update will be one of the next few content updates to the site so this is coming fairly soon now =)

Ula Vii ·
ah ok, looking forward to seeing those updates, thanks for replying :)
leslie.burris ·
hello i am new to this sight so bear with me!

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