Introducing Noise

News · Feb 18, 2016

We have a new product to announce for 2016, as we have extracted our Mumble servers out of Shivtr into its own product called Noise! Why have we done so? Read on to find out =)

Full Control Panel
Trying to fit a control panel for Mumble into the control panel of your Shivtr site meant it had to be very basic with few features. With Noise, each voice server has its own control panel, designed to be simple to work with, featureful, and mobile friendly so you can manage your server on the go.

While our bundled voice servers were limited to Mumble, Noise offers you the choice of Mumble or TeamSpeak. Having trouble choosing? No worries, you can instantly convert between the two in the control panel!

More Locations
Noise is starting with 5 locations available: Toronto, San Jose, Dallas, London and Melbourne. Within the next week we will be launching in Seattle, Washington and Montreal. And in March we plan to launch more in Europe, so very quickly Noise is ramping up to a lot of locations to ensure we're available somewhere near you =)

Shivtr Integration
While Noise is its own service we still wanted it to feel very simple to work with on Shivtr. So for things such as displaying your voice status on your Shivtr site, which with other providers may require fiddling with permissions, query ports, firewalls or other issues, we ensure it works simply and is styled up to match your sites theme.

If you love Shivtr and need a voice server we hope you'll check out Noise =)


Selaya ·
Damn these are some premium servers
Nexros ·
Nice addition Shivtr! Any thoughts about integrating Noise costs with Shivtr hosting costs?

Also noticed the branding changes, very excited to play with these.

Lastly, will there ever be an API available for the website chat widget? I know the shout box is available, but I'd like to tunnel all communications, not just most.

Keep up the good work!
8 Toes ·
Thanks for the comments =)

The website chat widget will be getting some big improvements this year, and when we push live the update for it I'll make sure it includes some API calls ;)

Commodore ·
Is this going to cost us paying customers money?
8 Toes ·
Shivtr and Noise are entirely separate services. You would only pay for Noise if you choose to signup for a plan there.

frodude ·
What about those of us that host our own TS3 and/or Mumble servers? Can WE use Noise?
Darksaber ·
Any chance that you can provide a way to sync event calendars with our phones?

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