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Mobile Update

Patch Notes · May 19, 2016

Today we pushed live an update to our Mobile Client, with a full rewrite of the backend, better device detection, and the addition of several new sections.

Mobile Bank
The bank section is now available in the mobile client, allowing you to view items, transactions and members. Admin and user actions are also available, allowing you to add items, want items, create transactions and more!

Mobile DKP
DKP has also been added to the mobile client, allowing you to view dungeons, raids, raiders, raid items, standings and attendance.

Mobile Groups
Finally groups have been added to the mobile client, allowing you to view and create groups, and post discussions and replies.

  • Threads with a recently deleted forum posts will no longer show "Post Deleted" when you try to view the thread
  • Wowhead item tooltips updated to their new host
  • GW2 item tooltips were temporarily disabled due to a bug; this has been resolved
  • An issue with Group Pay and Emojis has been fixed
  • The calendar arrows were adjusted for usability
  • Adding event participants are now sorted alphabetically
  • Minor CSS fixes to the bank and dkp sections
  • Several Server Status were removed for inactive games
  • Members no longer part of a PM are now striked out
  • The BBcode editor now correctly shows when paginating message replies

That's all for this update, Happy Gaming! =)

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