Patch notes

Neverwinter Item Tooltips

Patch Notes · Jul 13, 2016

Today we have Neverwinter item tooltips to announce, along with a few smaller changes.

Neverwinter Item Tooltips
Neverwinter communities can now create Item Tooltips by linking to items on Neverwinter Unleashed. Simply search for the item you want to create a tooltip for on their site, then copy its url and use it on your Shivtr site =)

Rename SiteApps
You can now rename SiteApps if you have the SiteApps moderate permission. This can be useful if say, someone applied with an alt and you want to change it to their main, or if you reference back to SiteApps frequently while managing your guild.

  • Fullscreen is now enabled for YouTube video embeds
  • On Mobile you can now switch to the Desktop client and back again
  • Fixed a bug with Alliances and MultiGame sites
  • Several 406 errors have been corrected that were due to missing templates from the rewritten mobile client

That's all for this update, Happy Gaming! =)


VolotuS ·
Great job which fixing those bugs!
Ringoblood ·
Great Jobs guys cant wait to use the Neverwinter tooltips ty.
Commodore ·
As an active casual/social 30yrs of age and older multi-gaming guild in 5 games, Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online and Sword Coast Legends, we at Tyrs Paladium thank you for your hard work 8!
Tom116 ·
A HUGE thank you from Tyrs Paladium! :)
Merlyn Draconius ·
Thank you for adding NW tools yet I'm rather disturbed at the link to a site known for it's published details on how to exploit. Is it really necessary to link and promote a third-party site which details game exploits?
8 Toes ·
We are very against exploiting and feels this ruins many games. While searching for Neverwinter tools we found this site and it appeared to us to simply be a popular forum for Neverwinter, with a lot of discussions and tools.

However, if this site is actively promoting exploits, and its not just some posts made by members in their forums, please let me know with more info (can send to rather than posting here if you wish), and we will remove these tools, as we do not wish to support any form of exploiting in games.

Commodore ·
Hey 8Toes. I was a moderator for the Neverwinter forums. AandretheGiant is my handle.

Neverwinter Uncensored (You typoed above - I just saw it or I would have warned you myself in my previous post) unfortunately IS a known site with only two main goals.

1. A place to promote and distribute exploit information.

2. The site was created by a Neverwinter forumite that was banned from the official site and as revenge created this site. So any anti-Cryptic chatter is heavily welcomed and sought there. This includes attacking forum moderators, Cryptic employees, playerbase members etc in an unmoderated or "uncensored" arena...

Don't feel too bad, as its not easily recognizable as an exploit haven since there are honest players that do go to the site for the tools such as the one you are linking to here. Hit me up privately, I can give you more info if necessary.
8 Toes ·
Aye please email me some info, and links if you can.

Justifiable187 ·
Thank you from Tyrs Paladium. As one of the Neverwinter leaders, I've been looking for some way to track the @ account name, which is often very different from their character names.
The Tank ·
Thank you :)

The Tank of Tyrs Paladium
Commodore ·
Its well established in the Neverwinter community as the goto site for exploits and anyone whos been booted from the main site to badmouth forum moderators and Cryptic. Thats why its called Uncensored. Ill need to get back to you with links, but others may beat me to it.
Redcoat ·
will there be any chance to get Item Tooltips for Lord of the Rings Online?
ranger ·
any1 know how to include ts3 in shivtr? i usually get an error
8 Toes ·
We have a TS3 block you can add to your site from Site Admin -> Layouts =)

If you need assistance with it there are quite a few threads available in our community help at
nwouncensored ·
We just learned Shivtr added our tooltips and like to thank you for adding one of our great tools to your fold.

We also like to answer some of the obvious biased critics around here. While Neverwinter Uncensored was indeed founded as antipole to the overmoderation happening on the official PWE platforms (reddit & arcgames), the site has developed into much more in its two years of existence.

We established daily activity on our blog and we actively develop valuable tools for the game as the #1 Neverwinter independent source with a growing user base of 35,000+ players. If players are reducing our actions to a) spreading exploits and b) providing a platform for a hostile environment towards Cryptic, PWE and its players, it's clearly them being biased and not a valid representation of what NWO:UN is all about.

It's true the nature of the site doesn't restrict topic and is dedicated to real talk about the game, but we are being read by anyone, even the devs themselves. Users that don't like specific areas like the unmoderated forum, which admittedly attracts naysayers and banned users to voice frustrations, sometimes in a troubling manner, can easily avoid them and only use the tools they like.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us @

Again: Thanks for adding the tooltips, it's a great addition for Neverwinter related sites.

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