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August Updates

Patch Notes · Aug 29, 2016

Are you prepared for World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Legion, launching in mere hours!? We hope so, and to help gear Shivtr up we've pushed live a round of bugfixes and enhancements to the site =)

Facebook Groups Integration
For sites on our Legendary plan, we support sharing news on Facebook as your user account and any pages you have admin for. Today we have updated this to also support groups!

* to share to a group you will need to be an admin for it.

Recruiting Improvements
Applicants can now only have one "open" application to your site. If they attempt to apply again they will be notified of their existing app, and if they are allowed to view it they will be shown it. The status bar has been updated for guests as well, showing "App Submitted" or "View My App" when they have an open app.

  • Demon Hunters have been added as a class option, along with those pesky Gnome Hunters
  • Warcraft character profiles have been updated to the new Legion stats
  • Some games auto-added to our games DB were being added with some missing data; this has now been fixed
  • The Mobile site will no longer show premium features on the home page if you are on the free plan
  • A bug with forum subscriptions that caused some members to keep receiving notifications when they should not be has been fixed
  • A bug causing Item Tooltips for GW2 to stop working has been fixed
  • Additional servers for Noise have been added for the TeamSpeak block

For WoW players have fun in Legion this week, and for everyone else we hope you've had a great summer of gaming! =)


smccam816 ·
Thank you guys! I could not ask for a better site for my guild. Go Legion! :D
Kreatyve ·
"Pesky" gnome hunters? :( Minipewpew will shoot you in the knee for saying that! (Kidding, of course. She'll just sick her robobunny on you instead, lol)
Shivtr Property ·
ok cool kk
eidy ·
I shall have Wooltron, the greatest mechanical sheep, stand up for the epicness of Gnome Hunters! ^.^

Also: any way we can get a sidebar widget for Discord? I've got one on my site right now where I fussed with some coding to get it on there, but one that integrates better with Shivtr's other menu layouts would be awesome! <3
Vetra ·
Grassroots ·
Wish we could customize the accepted message on applications so that people know who to contact in-game for the invite...
Ren ·
I usually add a comment to the app with all that info.
Moonspell ·
Thank you for the Update :)
Is there a Plan to let the Page Creator change the Language for the Handy Website ?
I can only change Language for the Computer Website and on the Handy Page all is English only.
Would be nice to change the Icons on the Handy Page too.

‚ú®iamtheBATMOBILE‚ú® ·

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