All Hallows' Eve Contest!

Contests · Oct 12, 2016

It's getting colder, darker, and, perhaps a little more spooky outside... which means its time once again for our annual All Hallows' Eve contest!

Trick or Treat Contest
Keep an eye out for our skull-laden Trick or Treat door on and when you spot it, click to *knock* and the Shivtr mascot will answer with either a scary trick, or a tasty treat!

  • When you spot the Trick or Treat door, click to *knock*!
  • This contest is available only to Site Owners
  • Five $20 Amazon Gift Cards (for Site Owners with Paid Plans)
  • Five 3 Month Upgrades of Epic Plan (for Site Owners with Free Plans)

This contest runs until midnight on October 31st, after which we'll announce the winners! So participate ... if you dare! mwuahaha =)


Ula Vii ·
Hey I totally won woohoo! In the mail you sent, should I send back the email I used with Shivtr or the one I used with Amazon?

I'm just a bit confused since you emailed me asking what email address to use... 😅
8 Toes ·
reply from the address the email got sent to, then say which amazon store you'd like (,, etc.) and which email you'd like it sent to =)

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