All Hallows' Eve Contest!

Contests · Oct 10, 2017

It's getting colder, darker, and, perhaps a little more spooky outside... which means its time once again for our annual All Hallows' Eve contest!

Trick or Treat Contest
Keep an eye out for our skull-laden Trick or Treat door on and when you spot it, click to *knock* and the Shivtr mascot will answer with either a scary trick, or a tasty treat!

  • When you spot the Trick or Treat door, click to *knock*!
  • This contest is available only to Site Owners
  • Five $20 Amazon Gift Cards (for Site Owners with Paid Plans)
  • Five 3 Month Upgrades of Epic Plan (for Site Owners with Free Plans)

This contest runs until midnight on October 31st, after which we'll announce the winners! So participate ... if you dare! mwuahaha =)


Syntax ·
This is sorta bullshit guys. I've literally been logging in everyday and clicking probably close to 50 times and not single one of those doors opened as a treat. Why put this hope in an event when its clearly such a drastically low chance of winning that it makes playing absolutely pointless.
Fulkinini ·
It doesn't surprise me that they're rare. 10 prizes in total, in a 21-days long contest. Thousands of Shivtr pages, with people who open a few doors every day.

Opened op to about 50 tricks already 😅
malox5 ·
There's probably a lot of people playing, or for all you know all the winners could have already been picked. I got lucky a few years back and won on my 4th or 5th door.
Nimloth ·
Did they take it down? I see no door!
malox5 ·
No, they're just rare (at least for me). I opened one a moment ago. They seemed to be more frequent the past couple of years.
Nimloth ·
Thanks Malox5. Not even sure where to look or what to look for other than a 'Door'. The header? further down the page? I've reloaded the page a dozen times... still no door. =/ Does anyone have a screenshot of the mystery door?
malox5 ·
Brown door, bottom middle of your screen, no chance of missing it. I'll post a print screen when it comes up for me again.



Nimloth ·
Thanks malox5
Curious if I need pop-up blocker turned off for this?
malox5 ·
I don't know if they make a difference. I run adblock but the doors still come up for me.

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