Holiday "Wish List" Contest

Contests · Dec 07, 2017

Put on your ugly Christmas sweater and get into the holiday spirit, as its time once again for our Annual "Wish List" Contest! =)

Wish List Contest
Share the game you wish for most this holiday season and post it in the comments below, and we'll enter you into a draw where the winner get their game!

Contest Rules

  • You must own an active site with us prior to today (Dec 7th)
  • You must specify which system you want the game for (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, etc)
  • The game you wish for must cost less than $100 USD to purchase
  • The game needs to be available for purchase on Amazon

This contest will run until noon EST on Monday December 18th, so be sure to participate before then! We end the contest on the 18th so we have some time to send the game out and hopefully have it arrive by the 25th =)

Update: Our Wish List contest has once more come to an end. Congrats to superzpurez, who gets "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" for the Nintendo Switch =)

Happy Holidays from Shivtr!


Ireneus ·
Awesome contest, Shivtr!

I'll make it easy for you. I'd like the game World Peace for the Earth system but I don't think that's out yet.

For now, how about Witcher 3 (with all DLC) for Steam?

Keep it cool, my friends and Happy Holidays!
Ula Vii ·
PC: Star Wars Battlefront 2
(the one everyone is angry about, not the 2005 game)
Fulkinini ·
Happy days, to the Shivtr team and everyone else 👍

My game wish: Battlefield 1 for PC
Fulkinini ·
When there's something to win, people suddenly start to comment here 😆 just like last year.
Eald ·
PC: Life is Feudal

Thank you Shivtr for this contest and Happy Holidays to all!
Dabi ·
PC- ESO- Morrowind
Would pass it onto a guildie so they can continue there Elder Scrolls journey.

Thank you Shivtr for the contest, Happy Holidays to all!
inapropriate ·
XBOX One: Farcry5

Cheers and good luck to all!
rubberfist ·

Happy holidays and good luck to everyone!
Sinshine ·
Happy holidays!

I'd like Doom for the Nintendo Switch. Really curious to compare this to the other versions myself :)
rakol ·
PC: Farcry 5

Happy Holidays Shivtr and all.
Ehiztari ·
Battlefield 1 for PC
AdminSula ·
XBOX ONE: Sims 4
Been a huge fan of this game since Sims 1, so excited about the 4th now on Console!

Thank you Shivtr for the contest, Happy Holidays to all!
superzpurez ·
Thanks for the contest!

I would like Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch.

Happy Holidays!
Envinyata ·
Cool contest, thank you!

I'd love to have a Squadron42 / Star Citizen starter package (PC). But that's only available at and not on Amazon, afaik.

Otherwise: World of Warcraft: Legion (PC)

Happy holidays!
Redcoat ·
Noice. Shadow of war for PC.
Happy Holidays and all the best for 2018.
zubm ·
World of Warcraft: Legion
Jabark ·
I would like Star Wars Battlefront II on PC please! 😀
MasivWarrior ·
Thanks for the chance to win.
Call of Duty WWII for XB1 for me.
As always, drop by the Warrior Clan for all the latest info and comments on games of Action, Shooters, Adventure, and Role-Playing.
Camel69er ·
X4 Foundations is the game for me
Kambey ·
PC Total War: Warhammer II
Nice contest.
Merry X-mas.
Ralia ·
PC Civ 6 with expansions.

Thank you and season greetings :)
ScaperDeage ·
PC: Assassin's Creed Origins

Sweet contest! Thanks for doing it!
altug ·
Thank you for everything shivtr!! Happy holidays :)

The game I want for PC PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds
ColdBee ·
Since i'm a WoW lover, and never got to play retail, i guess WoW Legion it is? ^_^
Happy holidays (:
jovel1988 ·
PC : Guild Wars 2

I guess Gw2 was great Holidays :)
Happy Holidays all :)
Kidpachi ·
PC: WOW Legion

Always been playing private servers and having my own Guild. Would be nice to have my own account.
whiteebeard ·
PC: Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns
Happy Holidays to all :)
Bloodpit ·
PC: Oxygen not included
Happy Holidays to everyone! Good luck and win big!
Corsair ·
Star Wars : Battlefront 2 : PS4

Want the game but am afraid to spend money on another EA product!
zetzin ·
PC: World of Wacraft Legion
Eylx ·
PS4: Destiny 2

Thank you Shivtr, and happy holidays to all! 😊
Austriaco ·

i would like to have assasins creed origins on pc 😀
Jenk ·
Happy holidays, everyone!

If I win, I'd like GTA 5 for PC.
Zakbaldu ·
I would like to have Elder Scrolls Online for PS4

Happy Holidays!
Spooky ·
World of Warcraft: Legion
Seb ·
Happy Holidays, everyone!

I'd like to get Starcraft II - Legacy of the Void for PC (Blizzard App)
It's the only Add-on I am still missing of the series!

Thank you shivtr for this draft ;)
Dalinsia ·
Conan Exiles 29.95 😋
Ascend TRT 0 ·
I would like BattleFront II for Xbox 1.
Thank You and Happy Holidays
Aifel ·

I wish for Prey on PC.

Have nice holidays.
Nighn_9 ·
I would love to have Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete Edition - PC
Heavywpnguinea ·
Thanks for running this! I'd be interested in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360. Never picked it up and meant to get it some time since I beat the first two
SmithyVL ·
Happy Holidays!!!

Platform: PC.
Game: Star Wars Battlefront 2 [Dice]

Kael ·
Oooo switched to Shivtr recently and love it here. Star Wars: Battlefront 2! (2017)
Dorito ·

Awesome contest, love the idea!
ranger ·
Thanks for the contest.
im nt that greedy,i just want gta 5

RedNova ·
DerpCircus ·
Platform: PC
Game: Star Wars Battlefront 2(2017)
Fr0stbyte ·
Website: (Had for over a year now.)

Platform: PS4
Game: Horizon - Zero Dawn
Atri ·
Thank you so much for offering us all such a chance.

Platform: PC
Game: Battlefield 1
Benedictus ·
Blizzard Star Craft 2 Battlechest v2
Platform PC
Ula Vii ·
Grats superzpurez 👍

Hey 8 Toes, hope you had a nice Christmas and that the new year brings you good things. Thank you for all the work you do, it helps improve the lives of hundreds of my guild members by encouraging the community to grow and develop. We wouldn't be the same guild without you 👊

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