Level Up! Shivtr Turns Twelve!

News · Nov 27, 2018

It's time for cake and candles, today marks Shivtr's twelfth birthday!

Shivtr started out as a home for our WoW guild more than a decade ago, and has grown into one of the most popular guild hosting services used by millions of gamers worldwide! We love our amazing customers, and hope we can continue providing a great home for your guilds in 2019 and beyond!

Thanks again to everyone who helps support and promote Shivtr, you guys are awesome! =)


MetalDragon ·
12 years? wow (pun intended) gratz it is a awesome service still and with so many going with places like wix so meany sites are all just looking the same is one reason I went with Shivtr feel like old school and still looks good and ease of use ta boot.. Could some stuff be improved upon...sure could some new things be added? sure... but over all we are happy with it and atm still it Home :)
Abubakar Boon ·
Congratulations Shivtr us from Olympus Clan of Dungeons & Dragons Online we congratulate you !! We are grateful for the service you have offered! We wait another 12 years ^^
Commodore ·
Howdy Olympus! Nice page! It's LeslieWest_GuitarGod from the DDO forums, Co-founder of the Tyrs Paladium guild on Ghallanda server. Check out our page. (Link in our post below)
Commodore ·

ShivTR is the Internet home of our 10 year old guild, Tyrs Paladium is a drama free, 30+ yr old (most are mid 30s-60s+) guild that resides in four MMOs. Dungeons & Dragons Online, Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2. We play hard, laugh hard, and play it old school, with much respect to the camaraderie found in tabletop D&D of years past.

ShivTR offers the BEST ROSTER and RAID CALENDAR in the business. No other site does it better. If you are a gaming guild, with a PASSION to build your guild, ShivTR is a One Stop Shop solution. And the ADMIN side is easy for all your officers to learn. Yes, even the ones that still use BETAMAX. :)
Ula Vii ·
Thanks for everything Shivtr. You helped my guild become the great place it is today 👊
Ula Vii ·
Hey, any news on a new bug/feature tracker? Been quite a while since the old one went offline.

In the REST API documentation there is no mention of a way to add events to the calendar. Is there an undocumented route for that?

Background to my request
I post an entire months worth of events for my guild in the final week of each month. So that's around 60-80 events. Whilst the event body remains fixed for each event so it's easy to copy and paste from a previous occurance the titles change to reflect who is leading the event. Due to the number of events we run I sometimes have to look across the last 3 months to find a previous occurance. So that eats up several hours of my time every month. I was hoping to make a schedule helper utility for myself that would let me click a date, pick from a list of predefined raids/events and then pick who is leading/co-leading it from a list. Once I've configured the month I hit go and it then auto-populates the sites calendar via the API.
ruthamcaudaitin3 ·
arezzocalcio ·
Congratulations Shivtr us from Olympus Clan of Dungeons & Dragons Online we congratulate you !! We are grateful for the service you have offered! We wait another 12 years ^^
generic days ·
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Thomson1432 ·
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