Moving to Linode

News · Apr 03, 2019
Next Monday on April 8th Shivtr will be moving to the Linode cloud hosting platform.

Why are we moving?

Shivtr currently runs primarily on dedicated hardware, which has the drawback of being difficult to scale. Our traffic varies quite a bit and can spike with popular new game and expansion releases.

To better address this we want to be on a more easily scalable solution, and after researching several options we liked Linode's flexible server plans and customer service the best. Linode allows us to spread out the services we use to their own linodes (virtual machines) and scale them as needed for extra performance.

What will you need to do?

If your site uses a Shivtr subdomain, such as * or *, you won't need to do anything. Once the move is complete your site will simply be running on our new servers at Linode!

However, if your site uses a custom domain name, you will need to update its IP address to point to our new server. When we begin the transfer, the old server will display a maintenance message, with a note showing our new ip address and help on how to update your domain name.

If you have any questions on this feel free to ask below, or email us at

Happy gaming! =)


bluejago ·
What time will this happen and How long will the site be down for?
8 Toes ·
We plan to start around 9-10am EST, and there will be a few hours of downtime due to migrating the database (est 3-4hr)
hoangdangkyloto188 ·
Adellwyna ·
I'm able to access the site via my desktop computer, but not my phone. Also, some of my guildies are able to see the site, and some still get the maintenance message. Just need to wait longer?
Gokew ·
me too im not able to acces the site via my phone, i need a solution pls
Arjun ·
Time to play the gameūüėÄ
aadavanrawat ·
Very nice blog
haley brown ·
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