Patch notes

World of Warcraft Classic

Patch Notes · Jul 15, 2019

As many of you know, World of Warcraft is where Shivtr began. It started out as the home for our own wow guild before we modified it to be a service usable by other wow guilds. So it should be no surprise we are extremely excited for Classic's launch next month =)

As players we are excited to dive back into Classic, and we are also aiming to strongly support it on Shivtr.

Classic Races & Classes
World of Warcraft Classic has been added to our games database. If you choose "World of Warcraft Classic" as your game, it will show only the race & class options available in classic, which works for characters, guildapps, event signups, etc.

Classic Item Tooltips
Item Tooltips for Classic are now available on Shivtr, showing items only available in Classic, with the stats and info they had.

To show classic tooltips on your guild site use bbcode:

DKP Systems
While the popularity of DKP systems has mostly died off in retail wow and newer games, this may make a comeback with Classic raiding. Currently Shivtr supports regular DKP and zerosum DKP, and uploading DKP through WoW Addons. We plan to see if other systems become popular in Classic as well and will aim to support them.

More to Come
We will be adding Server Status support for Classic servers once they are announced, and hope to see what other info and features Blizzard make available (Classic Armory?) that we can support on the site.

That's all for this update! Hope you are having a great summer, and perhaps see some of you in Classic next month! =)


Numidia ·
Thank you guys so much me and my guild love you :)
Quintas ·
Will you considering making your own DKP addon ? One so you can freely customize various parts on the shivtr webpage :)
8 Toes ·
Not our own no, what we will aim to do is, the popular WoW DKP Addons all included XML export options; we will try to make sure that the XML these export will all work with Shivtr, so you can use them and easily populate the DKP on your site =)
Bary ·

<3 Really cool, can you also create a French version on ocassion? =)
Switchback ·
Could you tell us noobs where exactly can we put these codes for tooltips ( as a server admins )
BarnettFO ·
Great news
Voronsky ·
Now that WoW Classic servers have been announced, and it has been one week post release, will we know an ETA of when the server status module will work based on the server we designate?

Could it also show the pop too? (i.e low,medium,high,full)

8 Toes ·
Server Status is now added; populations will be added once classic realms are available in blizzards api =)
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Hell Hammer ·
are we going to have "Classic Themes"???
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