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Fall Updates

Patch Notes · Nov 11, 2019

With the release of WoW Classic we've seen an increase in raiding and DKP interest, so we've been working to improve the raiding aspects of the site over the past few months.

Events Calendar and Allied Sites
The Events Calendar will now only show events from allied sites that match the same active game you are currently viewing.

For example, a multi-game site for WoW and GW2, that has alliances for each game, will now only show events from the WoW site and WoW allied guilds while viewing the WoW game.

DKP Improvements
Several DKP improvements and bug fixes have been added:

  • DKP tables are now sortable by class everywhere (in global standings and attendance, and when viewing raids)
  • The Progressions side block now shows the proper tooltips when multiple dungeons are selected
  • XML Import for DKP has been made more flexible, aimed at supporting more DKP Addons
  • A Bug with zerosum DKP where items could be cleared if edited multiple times has been fixed

  • The weekly calendar block would sometimes error when switching weeks that cross months or years; this has now been fixed.
  • On some mobile devices, changing a characters race was not updating the class options; this is now fixed.
  • Adding threads in subforums was not always updating the parent forums thread count; this is now fixed.
  • Fixed payment issue with Google Chrome and Group Pay/Subscriptions where the form would stay disabled
  • Connection improvements for TS3 blocks.

That's all for this update, Happy Gaming! =)


Ula Vii ·
Thank you for the calendar crossing months fix! Hopefully I'll finally stop getting the "I can't use the calendar" messages 😀
Kwesi ·
"XML Import for DKP has been made more flexible, aimed at supporting more DKP Addons"

What addons have you aimed at? Some of us still use xml strings and have had to make our own addons in order to use your feature. So would love to know if you've remodelled your system around some addon specifically.

Thank you.
8 Toes ·
We typically aim to support all of the addons that can export XML for WoW - in the past the primary ones were the eqdkp+ and mldkp formats.

Now new addons like Monolith are becoming popular, and we are aiming to work with their creators to get their exports working with Shivtr =)
LordDragonoid ·
All .red domains lost their SSL certificate time period. It is an issue you must look into it especially my shivtr website befalls under this domain.
8 Toes ·
Sorry for the late reply, this was due to an automated script running a bit late, but these were corrected within an hour or so of them being overdue for renewal.

hani ·

hani ·
Meant to post this to the blog earlier; thank you for the fast fix. Works fine, people are happy, I am happy. Thank you 👍
Metina ·
Is there a way to turn off the numbers in the Event signup, or enable that only for officers to see? Is that something we can disable?
Also, do you see integration for other loot systems like CEPGP?
haley brown ·
Thank you for the calendar crossing months fix.
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izukoloni ·
Gila game yang kemarin gue liat di youtube hari ini bakalan launch cbtnya jam 2 siang!! wwkkwkw asikk bakalan coba main nih game yang kalo lu penasaran ama game nya gue kasi link nya juga bro btw nama gamenya MU legend. Kuy lah main bareng kita abang" hahahaha
Senpai da best ·
How do I join a group im lost..
gion3435 ·
Armankohli ·

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