Level Up! Shivtr turns fourteen!

News · Nov 27, 2020

Today marks Shivtr's 14th birthday. But it feels a bit difficult to post a celebration message due to the global pandemic.

We know gaming has been a great escape for many this year, and we hope that some of the friends you have made through your gaming communities on Shivtr can provide some support and comfort for any of you who are currently struggling.

We hope for a better year in 2021, and for those going through hardships that things turn around for you in the near future.


Commodore ·
Congratulations 8!! Our old school guild Tyrs Paladium for players 30 years of age and older recommends this site highly. Schedule anything and provide worldwide access for your guildies. Great admin/owners that stay on top of their game.
Clicastuce ·
izukoloni ·
wah kalo liat gini gue jd kangen travelling dah, skrg msh parno akhirnya main game full dah ahhahahahhah gara2 satu game ini nih tapi emg seru bet sih makanya gue ketagihan wakowakowako
arnasfanton ·
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MWayne123 ·
gion3435 ·
vicarod171 ·

gion3435 ·
Clicastuce ·

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