Patch notes

Custom HTML Pages and Blocks

Patch Notes · Jan 31, 2007
We've updated the site to allow you to create custom HTML pages for your guild site.

These pages can be used to display any info you wish, can include iframes to show content from other sites or any other use you can come up with. The only unallowed tags are <script> and <form>.

These pages can be easily included in your main navigation as well by entering the page's URL as the navigation item's URL in the navigation tab.

We've also added an HTML block you can add to both your home page and the side columns which follows the same rules.


Glindur ·
Would it be possible to allow javascript on these pages? I know its much to ask when you must maintain security and stuff but...

wojtor ·
good question, i would like to know it too, what about script ?
Yaseen ·
Hi, it seems that javascript is not allowed, so I'm using iframe to render what I wan't but I get bugs when I'm adding one with script loaded on the body. How can I fix that?
Invidia ·
Im trying to stream radio and the only I need JS which doesnt seem to work :(
Castor ·

I'm likely misunderstanding something along the lines, but I'm trying to embed something for Discord so that one or more of my server's channels can be seen on-site. I've tried the widget code from the server as well as a third-party bot with its own code...but neither work. When loading the site, the block flashes the title and then disappears.

Edit: Never mind, I was a bit of a dipsh_t and ticked 'restrict access'. Weird that while logged in as the site's creator, any restriction set prevents me from seeing the embedded HTML...
Froststomp ·
Can i put somehow a radio?
roaddawg ·
ok I need some help with this so I can add some pages from other websites on to mine also can you let us upload files up to so big like idk 500mb or something

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