If you wish to add additional features to your site, you can sign up for a subscription to one of our premium plans. A subscription has several pay period options available and will automatically renew until it is canceled.

How do I sign up for a subscription?
To subscribe to a premium plan you would login to and go to the Site Admin -> Billing page. On the billing page it will show the available plans and pay periods. Note that only the site owner may access this section of the Site Admin.

How do I change my plan?
If you have subscribed to one of our premium plans using your credit card (our Stripe payment processor), you can switch your plan at anytime from the Site Admin -> Billing menu. When you choose a new plan, you will be pro-rated for any remaining time on your old plan, and the new plan will go into effect immediately.

However, if you have subscribed to one of our premium plans using Paypal, things work slightly different. When you choose to change plans, Paypal will schedule the change at the beginning of your next billing cycle. For example, if you were on the Epic plan and your next pay period was June 30th, and you choose to upgrade to the Mythic plan on June 15th, Paypal would schedule the upgrade to happen on June 30th.

How to cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, login to and go to the Site Admin -> Billing page. A Cancel button will be shown if you have an active subscription.

What happens when my subscription expires?
If your subscription expires, your site downgrades back to the free plan and any premium features become locked and hidden. If you upgrade anytime in the future, the premium features unlock again along with all of the data you had entered.

For example, say you ran a raiding guild and used our DKP feature to track your last years worth of raids, but decide to take a break for summer and cancel your subscription. When your subscription expires, your site reverts back to our free plan and the DKP section becomes locked and hidden. But in the fall you want to begin raiding again, and activate a new subscription; once you do your DKP becomes unlocked once more, and still contains all of your raids from the past year.