Group Pay

Group Pay is another payment option available on Shivtr, designed to allow all of your members to help contribute towards a paid plan for your site.

To use Group Pay you would first add the Group Pay block to your site, from Site Admin -> Layouts. Once the block has been added, your users can click on the Donate Days button to add days to your plan. The Group Pay block will update to show how many days remain and who donated, and as long as you have at least 1 day added your site stays on your selected plan.

Note that Group Pay is disabled while you have a subscription enabled for your site; if you wish to use the Group Pay option and currently have a subscription you would need to cancel it.

How do I select the plan for Group Pay?
Once the Group Pay block has been added to your site you can click the edit link shown with the block, which will then allow you to select which plan group payments will add days to.

What happens when my days expire?
When you add days, your site upgrades from the free plan to your selected paid plan. Once your days expire, your site downgrades back to the free plan and any premium features become locked and hidden. If you upgrade in the future, the premium features unlock again along with all of the data you had entered

Which payment methods can be used with Group Pay?
Group Pay donations can be made using a credit card or Paypal.