Getting Started

Shivtr provides a variety of tools to help you create a great looking website for your community =)

Official Themes
First up we have official themes, which are themes provided by Shivtr. Each official theme has several color schemes to choose from and can be lightly customized. To get started, go to the Themes page on Shivtr and then click on an official theme. This will take you to the Theme Tweaker where you can customize the theme.

Theme Tweaker
The Theme Tweaker allows you to make customizations to themes. Using the official themes, you are able to customize elements such as the banner and wallpaper using the left menu.

Craft Your Own
If you want to take full control over the look of your site, you can select the Craft Your Own theme, which will open the Theme Tweaker with a fairly basic theme, but with all of the design tools available to you. Here you can customize everything, from the tables, links, buttons, even the graphics around boxes.