Managing Themes

After you have created your perfect design with our Theme Tweaker, you should save a copy for safe keeping! To save, simply click on the Save button while the Theme Tweaker is open, and it will be added to your Tweaks.

A list of your saved tweaks are available in the Tweaks tab of the Themes page on Each tweak can have a name, and shows which theme it was based off of. They can be loaded back into the theme editor for further customization or applied to a guild site.

To ensure you do not lose any design work you put into the Theme Tweaker, you should always save a copy of your theme. This way, if say you accidentally apply a new theme to your guild site, you can always load the saved copy to restore your old theme.

Site Themes
A list of sites you have theming permission for is shown in the Sites tab of the Themes page on From here, you can load the theme that is currently applied to the site to make changes to it.