DKP Systems

Shivtr currently supports two DKP systems you can use:

Regular DKP
This DKP system awards points to players for attending raids, which they then spend to receive items. For example, players may receive points for attending raids or killing bosses, as well as earning hourly points and bonus adjustments for showing up on time. When an item drops during the raid, players then bid on the item with their available points, with the highest bidder receiving the item.

Zerosum DKP
This DKP system attempts to hand out loot more fairly then what may occur using Regular DKP by basing the points entirely around items. With Zerosum DKP, each item is assigned a predetermined point value. When an item drops, everyone receives a share of the points, with the buyer losing the full amount. Zerosum DKP is more easily explained with an example:

Bellysmasher, the legendary hammer is determined to be worth 50 points. During a raid with 10 players, Bellysmasher drops and is given to Groggy the dwarf. Each player attending receives their share of the points (50/10 == 5), including Groggy. Groggy then loses 50 points to pay for the hammer (making his total -45 points).