Shivtr's DKP section is organized by Dungeons. So what is a Dungeon? A Dungeon acts as a container to hold all of the data accumulated over a collection of raids. For example, if you are a World of Warcraft guild you may create a Dungeon called "Blackwing Lair"; then all raids you go on in Blackwing Lair would be added to this dungeon, allowing you to see all of the points earned, items dropped, etc. across that set of raids.

Creating a Dungeon
To create a new Dungeon go to the DKP section of your site and click the "Add Dungeon" button at the top right. You will then be presented with the following form:

The Dungeon acts as a template for any raid you will add to it, and therefore allows you to set default values, such as the DKP system it uses, which bosses should be included with each raid, what DKP values are earned, etc. Each of these values can also be over-ridden individually for each raid as well, this just aims to make things easier for you.

Once your Dungeon is created, it will be listed in your DKP section, and you can click on it to view all of the data within it. Once you populate it with some raids, you will see you can view the points, attendance, raids and items associated with the Dungeon from within it: