The Games page of the Site Admin allows you to manage which games your community plays. Shivtr supports 3 games on our free plan and up to 6 games on our highest plan.

The game you choose will set the race, class and subclass options available on your site. If supported by your game, you will also be able to choose a faction. For example, if you choose World of Warcraft as your game, you can then choose if your guild belongs to the Horde or Alliance faction (or both). If you select Horde, it will then set the races and classes for your site to match this faction (so you can choose to be orcs, goblins, and all the other hordes when creating a character).

Selecting a game may also unlock new features for your site. Using World of Warcraft again as an example, when you choose this game you can then create item tooltips on your site with the bbcode tag [item], your character views sync with the Armory and pull in data, you can add many new blocks including Server Status, Server Alert blocks, Guild Ox, WoW Progress, Guild Perks and more.

Managing Games
In addition to selecting the games for your site, you also have the option to deactivate and delete games from your site here. Deactivating a game will hide it on your site, along with all of the data attached to it, and may be useful if you take a temporary break from a game but plan to return. Deleting a game will schedule it for deletion, and once deleted the game and all of its data (including the theme, events, forums, characters, etc.) will be deleted.

For your communities safety, when you try to delete a game it will flag it for deletion and wait 14 days before actually deleting it.