Raiders represent the players you raid with and are managed from the main page of the DKP Section by clicking "Manage Raiders". This section lists all of your Raiders and allows you to add/edit/delete them, along with flag them active or inactive.

Creating a Raider
To create a new Raider click on the "Add Raider" button, which will then present you with the following form:

When you create a raider you set their name, race, class, guild and whether they are active. The guild field should only be set for raiders from other guilds (such as if you are in an alliance or you have frequent non-guild members who raid with you); leave it blank for members from your own guild. The active setting determines if the raider is active or not, inactive raiders get hidden and do not show up in any of the DKP sections.

*note: because deleting a raider may affect the DKP of others, our system does not allow you to delete raiders who have DKP associated with them; instead you can flag them as inactive which hides them. If you really want to delete a raider you must first remove all their DKP, and then you may delete them.

Creating a Raider Pool
Raider Pools allow you to group raiders together who should share DKP points. To create a Raider Pool click on the "Add Raider Pool" button, which will then present you with the following form:

Once created, the Raider Pool will then allow you to view DKP for the grouped Raiders on the attendance and standing pages. Raider Pools are typically used when you want to allow players to share DKP points between their characters (for example, someone may raid with their healer alt because it was needed, but wants to share those points with their warrior main)