Event Settings

To customize your calendar more to your liking, you can go to your Events Calendar and then click on the Admin Button (wrench) near the top right to access the settings.

Event Settings
The first tab of the Events Admin page allows you to tweak a few options for your calendar, such as whether the week begins on Sunday or Monday, and whether you would like photos and tooltips to be enabled on the calendar.

Event Categories
The second tab of the Events Admin page allows you to manage Categories for your events. Here you can create categories such as "Raids", "Meetings", "PvP" or whatever may be appropriate for your guild. Each category may also be assigned a color, to help make busier calendars more easy to parse.

Audit Log
Finally, the Audit Log allows you to see a log of actions taken that relate to events. This will show who created, updated or deleted events and similar data.