Getting Started

The forums are the lifeblood of most gaming communities. And to promote some great discussions, you'll want to setup your forums around the topics that matter to your community. To get started head over to the Forums page on your site and click the Admin button (wrench icon) in the top right.

Forums Structure
The structure of forums on Shivtr goes as follows. Forum Sections are at the top, which can have a name and act like categories. Each section can have several forums, and each forum can have subforums. You can drag-and-drop to re-order your forums and sections on this page.

View Levels
Your top-level forums each have both a read and a write View Level. The Read View Level determines who can see the forum, and the Write View Level determines who can create threads within the forum. Subforums inherit the same permissions as their parent forum.

For example, you may want to make an Officers forum, which only high ranking members of your guild can view. To do this you would simply set a higher Read View Level on the forum. Similarly, you may wish to make a News forum that everyone can view, but only Officers can create threads in; to do this, you would set a higher Write View Level for this forum.

If you are a multigame community and have added several games to your Shivtr site, the forums for all of your games display here, with the game they belong to shown on the right. You may set certain Forum Sections to appear across all games by editing the section and checking the "Display these forums across all games" option; this will make this section and all of its forums show up for each game.