As your forums see more use you'll eventually need to put your moderator skills to use, so first up we'll discuss managing forum threads.

When viewing a forum thread, you can click the edit icon beside the thread title to manage the thread; here you are presented with a few options:

Lock Thread
When you lock a thread, it will prevent anyone further from posting in the thread. This can be useful if a discussion has run its course, or you need to close the thread. Locked threads show a lock icon next to them to let users know the thread is locked. You can unlock threads at anytime by unchecking this option.

Pin Thread
When you view a forum, the threads are ordered by last post, as most users want to see what is new. When you pin a thread, you sticky it to the top of the page, ahead of all the other threads. This can be useful for things such as announcements and important information. You can unpin a thread by unchecking this option.

Move Thread
You can move a thread to another forum by checking the move thread checkbox. When you do, a list of available forums will be shown in a dropdown. Select the forum you wish to move the thread to and click Update, and the thread will be moved.