Domain Names

While you are always welcome to use a subdomain with your site, as your community grows you may want to consider getting your own custom domain name. And this help page is here to help you do just that!

To use your own domain name you must first purchase one from a domain registrar. To accomplish this, we recommend as a great option. They offer affordable domain names with a wide variety of extensions, and have a nice admin panel that is easy to use.

To setup your NameCheap domain for use with your Shivtr site:
  • Log into your account at
  • Click Domain List from the left side menu
  • Select the domain you wish to set the A Record for
  • Go to the Advanced DNS tab
  • Where it says Host Records, to the right click the Add Records button
  • In the Add Host Record popup enter Record Type: A Record, Host: @, IP Address:
  • Click Save Changes

Once this is done, login to your Shivtr Site Admin and update the Domain Name field for your site and check the "Use a custom domain" checkbox. * note that changes to your domain name can take several hours to full go into effect; if your site is not showing up for your new domain right after the change, you may need to wait a bit longer =)

Need more assistance? Checkout NameCheap's help article on A Records.
General Setup
If you already have a domain name through another registrar, setting up your domain name should follow a similar process:
  • Login to the Control Panel they provided you for managing your domain name
  • Look for a section called DNS Settings that will allow you to control the domain name
  • Look for a value called either A Record or A Host and change that to be; if there are several [*]A Records you can modify, change both the @ and www ones to be
  • Save the changes and you're done!

​If these options are not in the control panel they provide to you, you may need to contact their support and ask them to assist you; say you want to set an A Record for @ and www that points to and they should be able to sort it out for you.

General Tips
Do not change the name servers and do not setup domain forwarding. When you make changes to your domain name, it often take a few hours to go into effect.