The Roster is where you manage the characters that belong to your guild. Characters are used in several features of your site, including Event Signups, and help members to know who everyone is plays as.

Game Integration
For a few games such as World of Warcraft, Shivtr shows game specific data for each character automatically. When you view a character, their level and other attributes automatically update from the integration, and these updates will show up in your Game Activities.

By default Shivtr will include Levels, Specs and Professions as fields available with characters. If these are not appropriate for your site, you can disable these by going to the Characters page and clicking on the Admin button (wrench icon).

Extra Fields
Wish you could add more fields to the characters page then what is shown? You can with the Extra Fields feature! To do this head over to the Characters page and click on the Admin button (wrench icon), then go to the Extra Fields tab. Here you can add new fields (such as specializations, professions, or anything you'd like), and when your members add characters they can fill out these fields.

Extra fields are only shown on the Characters Show page, they cannot currently be set to show up on the Characters list.